So I will begin by starting with last Wednesday night when I decided it was probably about time to start packing considering I was leaving for France the next day! I hurriedly packed around crunch time at 10pm and got to bed around midnight.

My mom and I woke up about 6am on Thursday morning to prepare for our journey to Atlanta! Thankfully Avery as well as Sylvia had made me CDs which we listened to while in the car. I then had a mental breakdown in about the 5th hour of the trip with realizing I was leaving the country for 10 weeks. It really had not hit me until then! My mom and I talked for awhile in the car and I felt ready to proceed with my trip…I mean really there was no turning around at that point!

We arrived at the Atlanta airport about 3:15pm Thursday afternoon and parked. We had a surprise in seeing Phil Baker in the parking lot who was picking up Jamie for a trip to Florida. I was thinking then that I would really like to go to the beach but now that I am France…I am definitely enjoying this beautiful place! Anyways, check in was easy and made it through security, got dinner for the plane, and boarded the plane at about 5:15pm. Though I had a carry on suitcase, I was forced to check it plane side so now it is lost…ugh! But the flight was nice because I was sitting next to 2 other SCAD students (one girl Fashion major from Atlanta campus and a guy Art History and Illustration major from the Savannah campus) We talked a bit and I ended up listening to  a book on my iPod and fell asleep for the rest of the 8 hour plane ride. I woke up as we landed in Paris at 7:45 am Friday morning! Thankfully, I was able to then get off the plane and brush my teeth, wash my face, and prepare for a new day! I exchanged some US dollars for euros and got to the next gate for the flight to Marsailles. I got to then meet my roommate, Danielle, who I had briefly spoken to via Facebook prior to the trip. We then flew to Marsailles which was about an hour and half flight where I slept and read the latest InStyle! At that point, I was so ready just to get to the final destination. Unfortunately, we then had to wait for a bus to pick us up to drive an hour and 45 minutes to Lacoste. I also had just found out that my bag was lost so I was not in the best of sorts. Danielle and I ventured out to the airport lobby where we found a couple french places and got lunch! Everyone was pretty much exhausted but the bus trip was okay because me and Danielle figured out more about what was going on.

We arrived to Lacoste at about 4pm Friday afternoon and I absolutely just fell in love with the town. It is so gorgeous and hope you all get to enjoy all the pictures that I am posting! I am living in Murier Lower which means mulberry tree which is right outside our window!

Danielle and I got to the room first so decided on having beds next to each other since in the split 2 rooms, there were 3 beds in each. Sadly, the 3 other girls that were in our room all left within moving in that afternoon. So we got the place to ourselves which was not too bad! We then unpacked and looked around town. We then had a introductory dinner at 7pm and then toured through the library, and MacLab. We were invited to go to the local pub but both were exhausted so went to our rooms where I showered and finished up reading my Vanity Fair and went to bed around 10:30pm. I did not sleep very well but was not really expecting to with jetlag.

Today, Saturday, we woke up at about 7am, showered, went to breakfast at our Cafe de Artistes, and got on a bus to go to the weekend market in Apt. The town is about 20 minutes away. We got to see so many vendors and go to the local art supply store to get our first weeks supply for our classes. Danielle and I left the art supply store and took hundreds of pictures at the markets of all the foods, and products that they were selling.

I mean I cannot tell you how many different things there were to see and buy!

Then, we arrived at the Super Marche where we got to see what a grocery store is like here(much different and smaller than an American one!) I bought a few bars, etc. for snacks and we then got back on the bus.

We had a picnic at Le Pont Julien which one of the last remaining bridges that the Romans had built in France that they used back in the 3BC to travel from Italy to Spain! It was really cool because all the stones had been put together without any sort of mortar being used.

We came back to Lacoste around 2pm where I laid out on the terrace with my Ipod and sudoku book! It was so nice with the sun shining on me and the beautiful surroundings!
We had a cocktail hour at 5:30pm in celebration of Bernard Pfriem who was started the teaching in Lacoste before SCAD purchased the majority of the buildings to restore in 2001. It was interesting to hear about what all he had done from the 1930s up until the 1980s in Lacoste. Danielle and I found out that we were getting 2 new roommates who were coming in today who had missed their flights. That was exciting but then realized we had to share one bathroom which is very small! Oh well! The gallery exhibit was cool and by that point we were all starving and got to go to dinner at 7pm. The locals invited all the SCAD students to a huge field party tonight because their soccer team won the local tournament so big celebration! I had to stay and wait for the airport man to come with the missing bags and thank goodness I just picked up my bag and unpacked it! I am maybe off to the party but might just fall asleep but bon soir for now!