Woke up to the sound of my roommates alarm blaring at around 6:30am but luckily, I was able to go back to sleep for another hour before I had to get up, shower, get ready, and head to breakfast!

My Treasures of Provence class is from 9am-12pm on Mondays, and Wednesdays. We met in a small studio class room with windows looking out with the view from Lacoste. It was small but fortunately, my professor, Professor Gross, informed us that we will not be in the classroom much. Most classes are going to be field trips where we go out and explore and see the sites in which we are studying about. That to me was very appealing especially with the work load not sounding like it would take over the enjoyment of the class. We went over our syllabus and heard about a few of the sites we will be seeing! We also as our final project for the class have to create a journal to present at the final show, the Vernissage. The Vernissage is the last weekend of the quarter where all students exhibit the artwork that they have done throughout the quarter. It is exhibited all over Lacoste so that everyone is able to see it!

We got out of class a bit early so I got to check my e-mail, etc. but sadly no one was on Facebook or anything  considering it was like 5am in Memphis!

We had lunch from 12-1pm and then I hung out in my room for awhile. I imported the rest of my CDs from Avery and Sylvia into my iPod! Then at 2:15pm, I with 3 other girls got to go with Eleanor(the director in Lacoste for SCAD) to the “Wal-Mart” of France! I am not sure how to describe it but it was much much, much smaller than an actual Wal-mart. It was more of a typical American grocery store! We got to go because of our dietary needs and with my lactose-intolerance, the French diet is a bit limited for me! Anyways, it was so interesting to see all the different foods, smell the different scents, and hear all the French people in the store. I was to say the least memorized by the place! I could not believe the aisles for just Yogurt! It was crazy! Anyways, I picked up a few items and came back to the room!

I guess it was late afternoon around 4pm so I laid down on my bed and dove into my July 2011 Vogue with Emma Watson on the cover. I had not realized how tired I was until I woke up at 5:15pm, having fallen asleep with the magazine still in my hands…pretty pathetic! I told myself I needed to get up at that  point though so I got up and went for a run. It was a bit cooler but had been quite hot this afternoon. I had bit of an inconvience during the run with really having to use the restroom. So what to do when you have to pee in the middle of the Sounthern French countryside? Well look for cars and dart towards a tree! Lets just say, I am glad no one was around!

I made it back to Lacoste and had to hurriedly shower, and get myself to dinner. We only have certain hours for meal times so made it for dinner which is from 6:30-8pm.

I headed to the computer lab for my nightly posting and saw that my blog had not posted yesterday so I am so sorry about that! But I did get to Skype with my momma tonight for awhile which was great since I had not yet and even got to see my little Bertie! He was very confused where I was!

Now I am getting tired….early right! Its only 9:50pm but the weirdest part about it is that its light out until about 10:30pm here and the sun rises at around 5am! I really do not like to go to bed when its still light out so I am thinking I am going to head back to my room and finish my Vogue! Bon soir!