Last night, I left the computer lab and ran into a few of the people who had been down at the field party. It sounded like they had a lot of fun but I had good time figuring out my classes and getting myself organized! Danielle and my other new roommate, Brittaney got in about 4am so it was funny to hear all that had happened.

I woke up this morning excited because I got to go on my first adventure run! I had in the back of my head Sylvia rooting me on in finishing my 3.1 miles!  This summer, we had been running 5ks together every weekend until I left to come here! Anyways, it was so pretty and I even ran into a few bikers who spoke a few words of French to me and thankfully we were going opposite directions so I did not have to make up any French words! I came back, showered, and got ready for our orientation. The orientation was about 2 hours long with walking around Lacoste and learning about where our classrooms are, etc. It was so hot outside but good to figure out more of where we are going to be for the next 9 weeks!

Danielle and I went back to the room where I figured out my schedule and got organized with my calendar….OCD! But then we adventured off down one of the main roads towards one of our neighboring towns, Bonnieux. The walk was so beautiful with seeing  gardens, country homes, the cherry trees, a view of Lacoste from afar, and then ending up exploring the local Lacoste graveyard!

We then took our journey back to our room where we decided to go to the computer lab and download pictures! Then made it to dinner where we found out our chef is a pastry chef…would have never known except the doughnuts he made were said to be absolutely fabulous!

And surprise, here I am again back in the computer lab tonight! Danielle and I have already decided though we are going to head back to the room and watch a movie! Sounds like a relaxing night in Lacoste to me!