Goodness today was a really long day and I am not sure why!

I woke up, showered, went to breakfast, and had my first Monotype Prinkmaking class! The class is pretty small with about 12ish students. The classroom though is literally in a cave. It is so crazy! Thankfully there are windows though to look out and the class seems to be a lot of exploration outside. I was a bit intimidated by the class though because she began by saying that it was her advanced printmaking course this quarter. I was one of 2 students who has never taken a printmaking course so that was a bit scary. I am really excited for the class though and think that I will learn a lot. My professor is really open to lots of ideas and a lot of experimentation with ideas and materials. Our first assignment is to create an artwork using colored ink and rubbing.

After class, I went to lunch and then walked around Lacoste. Today is the day in which they have a  small, very small version of the market in Apt. They had a few stands set up with t-shirts, olive oil, soaps, cookies, towels, macaroons, bread, cheese, etc. It was fun to look around but did not end up getting anything. But I then came into the computer lab just to check in for a bit. My printmaking professor took a group of us to the town nearby called Apt at around 2pm.  A few of us needed to get supplies for the class and a couple of grocery items. We first went to the grocery, I got my gloves and some tupperware containers to use as ink palletes. Then we headed to Mr. Brickolage which is the French “Home Depot!” Finally, we ended up at the art supply store where I got some pigment powder to play with along with sketchbooks and some colored pencils! Woohoo!

This afternoon, I relaxed for a bit and then went on a long hot run. It almost miserable but I made it! I am thinking morning runs are the way to do it…just dreading that 6am alarm! Anyways, I came back, showered, and put in my first load of laundry here! It was very exciting to figure out what to do with all new buttons and I was clueless as to where the detergent should go. Finally figured it out though and went to dinner!

After, I had to work on my printmaking. I went onto the terrace outside my room and inked the paper with rubbing it over a few different surfaces such as the concrete flooring, and a big jug vase. They turned out alright…I will post pictures tomorrow of them. I do not love but I guess just figuring out what I will do for my final which I am going to finish up tomorrow afternoon. One of my friends, Sarah, was also out there so it was nice to sit out and  work with such a gorgeous view of the country side with the sun still out. I soon gave up on the printmaking and finished up my laundry.

Of course, back in the computer lab! I have been somewhat avoiding my online class so I am planning to get that done…tomorrow? Bad wallis! Oh well…I am trying to enjoy myself and looking forward to the weekend! I miss you all but hope you are enjoying a taste of Lacoste from my blog! XOXo