So I woke up this morning, upset not to be home for my Olivia’s 21st birthday! It was quite a disappointment not to be there for it but I am sure I will be informed of all the celebration that goes on! I did realize though it is 10 months until my own 21st birthday so I felt a little bit better about the day!

We went to breakfast and then I had my Treasures of Provence class. It was lecture for the first hour about the beginning of the Roman and Greek influence to Southern France. We then got to take a tour of the Library, and then for the last hour, went up to Maison Forte(which is almost to the top of Lacoste though below the highest point where the Chateau is). It was very nice and we got to sit outside on the terrace and journal. As I was walking back down to my room, my poor gold GiGi Sam Edelman flats had their last moments. I had to throw my poor shoes away:(

Lunch time came along as well as a needed cat nap! I then read a couple excerpts from my Paris travel guide book. I am trying to plan a little bit before we go so that I am not just clueless as to what to see.

I went on a run earlier this afternoon because it was not so hot out today. It was a good short one and then showered and got back in time for Danielle to get out of her Intro to Printmaking class so we could go on a walk. We decided we needed to adventure around the rest of Lacoste since we had not seen everything. We walked up to the top to the highest point where the chateau is that famous fashion designer, Pierre Cardin owns. It was an absolutely stunning sight. We continued to walk down the other side and continued our way through different pathways in Lacoste. We saw a couple girls who were sitting out on the terrace at the bar having a glass of wine and stopped to talk to them for a bit. It was nice just to have a relaxing time without feeling rushed to get around.

Dinner time came, and then we went to a lecture series that the professors are putting on where they talk about their own work. Tonight was the photo professor, Steve Bliss, who also serves as the Dean of Fine Arts at the Savannah campus. It was interesting to see his different works and how he is inspired.

After avoiding doing my rubbings for monotype print, I made my way down to the studio and did a few more pieces. They are all wet with ink though so I was unable to take any photographs. My professor informed me that we are going to have a studio day to work tomorrow so I should be fine though and not to worry!

I think I tend to stress over the small things often and I am learning its good just to take a step back every once in awhile. Everything is going to be okay! Well I am here wrapping up my evening and wishing my best friend a happy happy birthday! Goodnight!