Thank goodness it is finally Thursday! I cannot believe a week ago I leftMemphiswith my mom to drive toAtlantato board my plane. It seems like that was weeks ago!

This morning, I changed up my schedule with taking a morning run. It was so cool and beautiful especially since I had not been awake that early here yet. I then went to breakfast, and then had my monotype printmaking class. In class, we learned how to color mix with the lithograph inks. I then experimented with a few ideas and working on my rubbings. I changed my idea from using the wooden doors and side of the planter pots to just simply rubbing over lavender! I liked my idea though then walked into the room next door and another girl was similarly using lavender and flowers to print with. I was disappointed that my idea was not quite unique but we have different compositions and colors so I guess I will deal with it! I am using bright colors that reflect the colors of some of the flowers that grow here in Lacoste.

We then had linen exchange and lunch. Always exciting to get clean sheets! Afterwards, I went back into the printmaking studio to work on my rubbings since I had all the inks still left out. I was one of two people in there so it was nice to have some time to work alone with my professor giving me some advice. I was working in there until about 4pm and she told me I was beginning to overwork some of my prints and to take a break. I was getting a bit frustrated anyways so I cleaned up and went back to my room. I lay down and took a 45 minutes nap and headed to the computer lab. I got to skype with my mom for a bit which was nice though we could only look at each other and type since there was another class going on in the lab!

It was then dinner time! Danielle and I walked to dinner where we walked into the cafeteria and everyone seemed to be wearing stripes including us. It was kinda weird! But we then talked to a few girls and decided we would probably go out for drinks tonight! I am not blogging while I have some down time. Danielle and I are watching House Bunny and she is curling her hair getting ready for tonight! We decided SCAD needs sororities so that we can be in the next House Bunny! Love this movie!

Well tomorrow is our first real excursion outside of Lacoste. We are headed toNimesand the Pont du Gard. We get to go swimming under the Pont du Gard and walk around the two towns. It will be a nice change up for the day. Hope you all have a great Thursday!