To begin from last night, Danielle, Roxy, and I got ready and went down to the bar at Café de France. It is one of two bars in Lacoste so we met a group of other SCAD people there and had a few glasses of wine! It was fun to sit out on the terrace and enjoy being in Lacoste!


This morning, we had to wake up early since we had an excursion toNimesand the Pont du Gard. We headed to the bus after breakfast and had about an hour and a half drive toNimes. Unfortunately though while driving, an eighteen wheelers metal strap came lose in front of us and hit our tire. To say the least, we had to pull over and get a new bus to come pick us up. Eleanor was not sure about how long it was going to take but luckily, we had stopped next to a toy store as well as a home goods, Pier One meets Bed Bath and Beyond type store! We got to look around and hang out while we waited over an hour for a new bus to come.

We arrived in Nimes to the Arena. It was very cool to walk up to the top and see Nimes from a completely different angle. The arena was fascinating to see with all its history and is even used today still for concerts, etc.

Danielle and I adventured off to get lunch as a local café which was delicious! We then went to the Maison Caree. It was very awesome architecturally especially in the columns and ceilings at the front.

We then walked up the street on the Quai de la Fountaine. It is a road with a water way running through and a fountain. We then ended up running into a couple of girls who we walked with to the Jardin de la Fountaine. There was a park with stairs and sculptures surrounding a small garden. It was very peaceful and beautiful just to be walking around.

Danielle and I then separated and went to the Carre d’art which is the contemporary art museum there along with the city’s library. We decided to sit down at an outside café where she got some coconut and vanilla gelato and I enjoyed a Coca Cola Light! We continued to walk around and ended up running into ZARA! I was so excited except that we only had 20 minutes until we had to be back on the bus. I did not end up buying anything but great to do a quick walk through of the store.


The group of us then loaded up the bus and drove about an hour to the Pont du Gard. We got there and immediately headed to swim underneath it! The water was freezing but it was a gorgeous day so it was definitely nice to cool off!

At about 6:30, we got back on the bus and headed back to Lacoste. We ate dinner and now I am showered and on my bed relaxing! It was a pretty long day but so nice to get out and do something different! Tomorrow, we get to wake up early and go the market in Apt so I am excited about that!  I am so glad it is the weekend though I do have a lot of work to get done for my classes. I think tonight though I am going to stay in bed and watch a movie!