I cannot believe we have been here only a week…it seems like we have been here for a much longer time!

This morning, I woke up early to go on a gorgeous run though it was much cooler than normal. I had a tough time making it back up the hills today. I think my legs are worn out! I got back, took a shower, and got ready to go to the market in Apt! The market is just fascinating to see all the vendors set up and all the people busily making their way through to get their goods! Danielle and I walked around figuring out what we want to bring home with us…I guess we do have a good 8 weeks to figure it out but it was fun to see all the little soaps, herbs, etc.

We then made our way to the Super Marche where we picked up some snacks for the week and then headed back to the market. We got back on the bus to head back around 11:30 and got back in time for a late brunch around noon!

At 12:30, we had a lecture from Jonathan Yourger. He is a SCAD graduate who majored in illustration for his undergraduate degree and painting for his graduate. He is a very talented artist and it was interesting to see where his ideas come from. He explained a lot about his final thesis project which he presented inSavannahthis past May but also explained about his show that was presented tonight.

Afterwards, we had a drink outside and went back for another lecture from artist, Teresita Fernandez. She is an exhibition artist who is known worldwide with her exhibitions. She had images of artwork she has done in the past and explained how her artwork is all very conceptual. Knowing that about her work, I understood a lot more into her work as she explained where her concepts had stemmed from. She also has an exhibition being showed in a gallery here.

I was pretty much worn out after sitting for awhile and came back for a nice hour nap! I got up and motivated myself to get to the computer lab to start some work for my Computer Arts class online.  I was able to get some work done on that and chat with my dad for awhile which was nice! I also caught up with some e-mails from my mom and grandmother!

I figured I did not want to spend my night in there so I went to the Vernissage (gallery openings) for both Jonathan and Teresita out on the terrace. It was a pretty large cocktail party with local visitors along with the SCAD students. I knew that I needed to get some more work done tonight so I passed on the wine but it was funny to see everyone else indulge quite a bit! It was nice to be out and talk to some of the local people there. This one couple stayed and talked to Emily, Fran, Danielle and I for about half an hour. They were very excited about us being here so they can come to our vernissage at the end of August. We stayed until about 8pm talking and laughing with a few of the teachers and then went to dinner. Everyone was a bit sloppy but it was funny to see! I then came back to my room and put on my pjs!

Meanwhile, everyone else headed out for the night. I am not sure where they were going most likely the bar. Up at the chateau, Peter Cardin was also having a vernissage for his birthday but I am not sure how it went since we didn’t make it up there! I think I may go take a look sometime this week to see the artwork displayed.

I am excited for tomorrow’s celebration for the 4th of July. We are going canoeing! But for now I am going to finish up my work and get to bed! Bon soir!