So I officially woke up very sore this morning and I think it is still from the adjustment of my body to this town on a 45 degree angle. I decided to take a break from running and go for a long walk. It was so nice! I wanted to go somewhere different than my usual path so I headed up to the Chateau and went over to the other side of it. I also took my iPod for the first time and it made such a difference in my mood. I was so excited to listen to the music that Sylvia and Avery had given me before I came here! It seemed while I was walking past all the houses that they all had swimming pools! They were so fabulous! I was quite jealous not to be able to just jump in!


I got back to the room, put my bathing suit on, made myself some lunch, and packed up for the canoeing trip! We got on the bus and headed to theSorgueRiverwhich is in Fontaine de Vaucluse. When we arrived, we got off the bus and there were gorgeous men working! I was so happy to see such beautiful men with accents that were going to be our guides! Danielle and I got a kayak for us and sadly, I didn’t take my camera because I didn’t want it to get wet. We had a great time floating down the river. The water was crystal clear and we could see everything below us including the little fish! The water was freezing though so I only got wet when one of the guides came over and splashed us! He said it was about 13 degrees Celsius! The float was about 2 hours long. A few of the girls had gotten a couple of the guys to agree in coming to Lacoste tonight and come to the bar here. Who knows what will happen!


We rode back and jumped in the shower before dinner at 6:30pm. I threw some more laundry in and headed down to the computer lab. I unfortunately have completely put off the Computer Arts class work off which is due tonight so I do not think I will be going out. I might head over though once I finish up this work! I did get to skype with Avery, Eme and my dad earlier and then with my mom. Its amazing how technology keeps us so in touch! Thank goodness! Well hope everyone is looking forward to their holiday tomorrow! Enjoy!