Rainnnnnnnn. So today was the first day that I woke up and it was foggy and cloudy. I got up though and went on a short run before it started to sprinkle.

For my Treasures of Provence class, we traveled to the town of Ohkra where there is an ochre factory. Before we left, it started to sprinkle. While waiting for the bus, my professor pointed out an almond tree to us!

Anyways, we got to walk around outside and see the process of how they create the pigment. At this certain location, they no longer produce the pigments but the colors they used to are a burnt red color as well as a mustard yellow. We got to touch and play around with the pigment which was pretty cool!

We got back and it was time for lunch! I then went to Eleanor’s office and checked out the first season of Weeds. Avery and I had started watching it before I left so I was excited that is was available to watch! I started watching the end of it to catch up on the episodes I had missed and I fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up and finished watching it. I had no motivation to do anything though with it being so gloomy and gross outside. It was nice to relax but I have realized how bored I am here. I am hoping that I figure out things to occupy my time but I think I am discovering about myself that I need to be in a city where there are things going on!

We then had dinner and afterwards, I went to the printmaking studio. We have a critique tomorrow for class so I was looking over what I wanted to show. I did a lot of experimenting last week so I had lots of different prints along with a lot of mess ups to look through. I figured out that I wanted to show 6 so we shall see tomorrow what the rest of the class thinks so then I can make corrections or add more and turn in my final project on Thursday.

I came down to the Mac lab and saw that my mom was on Skype! We got to skype for awhile which was very nice since today I have been feeling pretty down and wanting to be home. I am missing out on the 4th of July celebrations! Very sad! I also decided to look online for a few things on net-a-porter. They were having some sales but I thinking I should save my money forParis unless I get desperate! I also just created a document with the places that my mom’s friend Robert suggested to go inParis. I am getting very excited about going even though it is still 2 weeks away! Lots to see though especially since I want to shop, see museums, enjoy the food, and create a kind of fashion tour for myself!

Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous celebration for the 4th and grill out for me 🙂 I am going to go finish up my Weeds season and go to sleep!