This morning, I was fortunate enough to wake up around 5:15am when the sun was coming up so I jumped up and grabbed my camera to take a picture outside my window!


I got up and went for a run, got ready, had breakfast, and excitedly entered into my first printmaking critique! We hung our pieces and took the full 3 hours to do the critique. It was definitely a learning experience for me in that I have never made prints for me but she said that I worked hard and presented well. We have the opportunity to tweak our work before we turn it in with our written part on Thursday so I may try and do a couple more prints tomorrow but I feel like what I did present today was successful!


We then had lunch, and I came back to write a few postcards! I then went to the post office and sent them off. I made my way down to the Mac Lab where I worked on my online course for a bit with critiques for our ideas for creating a collage self-portrait using Photoshop. It is always interesting to see what people have as ideas and how they are going to use their images. I finished up and came back to my room to finish the first season of Weeds! I think tomorrow I am going to try and get the second season on iTunes!


Anyways, I then went to Apt to go to the art store as well as the grocery store. I picked up a few items and bought another grocery bag because they are so awesome! They are like the recyclable bags from Whole Foods but then they have like places for your wine and all!


We got back just in time for dinner. Tonight, I sat with a different group of people so it was nice to get to know them and talk to people that I had not spent much time with.


Afterwards, Dana, Danielle, Sarah, and I went on an adventure walk. Dana and Danielle were out to take pictures for the photo class but Sarah and I just decided to go along. It was cool to walk through where they are growing the wine grapes along with some crazy forest land.


Sarah and I walked back up to our rooms and then headed up to the chateau. Along the way, we picked up Reba and Jessica and then met up with Danielle at the top. We all went up to the top when the sun was setting which was very gorgeous. Our goal though was to find the quarry that is behind the chateau. We found it! It was pretty freaky but really cool. There were drawings and names on the walls that date back to the early 1900s. There was also a random real stuffed Bobcat in a cage…that was very creepy!


We headed back and did not get back to the room until about 10:00pm and now I am quickly writing and so ready for bed! It was a good, busy day! Thank goodness after my slow yesterday. I am looking forward to talking to Avery sometime tomorrow because it is his first day of orientation atUniversityofTexasatAustin! Woohoo go longhorns!