The morning began with the regular routine and off to Professor Gross’s art history class. I was running a bit late this morning which was a bit flustering but fine when I got into the class room about 2 minutes late and had not missed a thing! He lectured about Romanesque style to the beginning of Gothic in southern France. I was so tired throughout the lecture that I was worried I would fall asleep but after about an hour, we got to take a 20 minute break. Roxy and I came back to the room; I lay down and about fell back asleep! I got up though and we headed down to the church here in Lacoste. It dates back to the mid-thirteenth century. It has Romanesque influence though has so many layers of history built upon it.

We then had the option of staying down near the church or going up to the Maison Forte terrace to work on our journals. We have a project throughout the quarter where we keep a journal of the places in which we visit so that we can then present it for the Vernissage at the end of the summer. I was a bad girl and decided that I would rather come to my room! I did come back and work though since my materials were all in there. I actually got quite a bit done and then it was lunchtime.


We had lunch, and then I returned to the room to continue working on my journal. I finished up until the field trip today since I had not uploaded the pictures to my computer to sketch from. I then had Roxy help me figure out the basics to Photoshop. Thank goodness she was able to help me because I now think I can finish up my self-portrait project for my online class! I then went down to the Mac Lab and worked on my online class as well as getting a few things printed for my other classes. To back up though, I have a book of daily readings that I read every morning. This morning, it was talking about how you must make time for yourself to play and enjoy life. This really caught my attention because I think often we do not always think about how much we need to take care of our own needs as well as getting work done. So for this afternoon since I had accomplished what I needed to, I decided to download a few episodes of season 2 of Weeds and enjoy my relaxation time instead of having this sense of laziness. I think too often I discount my need for rest and enjoyment of relaxation.


I came back to my room, lay on my bed, and watched TV. It was very nice! I then fell asleep for about half an hour and went down for dinner.


Each Wednesday night, there is a lecture series that the teachers have put on. Tonight was Deb Oden’s, my printmaking professor. It was really awesome to see her work as well as her inspiration. It made me think a lot about my parents because she is a single mother taking care of her children as well as working hard with her own work. She pulls though a lot of her inspiration from her kids and how the inexperienced mind has such a vast imagination of the world.


Afterwards, many people do not have classes on Tuesday/ Thursday so they went down to the bar. I am a bit worn out though so I am going to finish up in the computer lab and return to my room to read my Paris Vogue! Bon soir!