With my morning routine unchanging, I do not feel it is necessary to explain so at 9am I headed to my printmaking class. We turned in our pieces along with our written part to the assignment and began lithography printing! Since I have never been in a printmaking course before, this is all new to me! We got to go to the computer lab and find images to print on a pronto plate. A pronto plate is plastic plate which you print an image to and then put it through the printing press and the image comes out on your paper inked! We got to experiment all during class and have the assignment to work on finding a few images and producing some work for Tuesday’s class.


Since it is Thursday, it is also linen exchange day! Wahoo new sheets! I got to get clean linens and go down to the café for lunch. A bunch of us signed up to go to Apt for the market on Saturday morning…because why not? It is fun to get out of Lacoste for a bit and see/ buy exciting new things!


After lunch, I went back to my room and worked on reading response paper for my art history course. The readings we had to choose from to make a response were quite dry but I got through it and wrote my paper. I then worked on my journal for the class. I got to watercolor some images that I had sketched of places that we had been and write a little bit about each. It was entertaining for a bit but then I decided to take a break and watch Weeds! I think I have an addiction. But what is even worse is that I come down to the computer lab to watch them…its not like I can really even enjoy it in my bed 😦 Oh well…its France! I decided to be a bit productive in checking my email, etc. I got an exciting e-mail from my grandparent’s friends who live nearby and asked me to come to their house on Saturday night! I am getting excited for that though they do not speak much English. I think it will be a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy the company of family friends! I am happy that I have something to look forward to since it is the weekend. I also got to chat with Sylvia for a while which was great since we had not talked since I left. I also got to Skype chat with my dad for a bit and try to figure out about maybe traveling to Barcelona for a long weekend! I then printed off my paper for art history and went to dinner.


I went back to my room for a bit to finish up my last journal entry and read the rest of my Paris Vogue. (more just looked at pictures since I cannot read much French! but was fun to see the images and editorials that they have here!) I then came down to the computer lab where I have been since! I got to chat with my cousin about his recent orientation at Ole Miss, talk to my mom on the phone, which was awesome since it was over Skype! She is currently in Austin while Avery is at orientation. I am still waiting to hear the feedback on that…I will be sure to update! And now I am working on my online class self-portrait that is to be created in Photoshop. I have learned the basics from Roxy but it’s taking me awhile to get the hang of it! Well after I get a little bit more work done here, I am going to probably watch an episode of Weeds and hit the hay! My roommates are down at the bar but I am in my PJ’s already! I swear my brain thinks I am a 40-year-old divorcee who just likes to stay in! Oh well…goodnight!