So I went to sleep last night around midnight because I decided that I would take a day off from running this morning and sleep in a bit! My roommates were all out at the bar so I fell asleep right now and did not want to get up for breakfast this morning which is only open from 8-9am. I got up though at about 8:30, showered, quickly got ready in the dark with everyone else sleeping, and ran down to the café. I sat with a group of girls who invited me to go with them on a walk to Bonnieux.Bonnieux is the town that is literally across the valley from Lacoste and is very similar to Lacoste though it is a bit larger. This is looking back at Lacoste.

They have their weekly market on Friday so it was a good time to go to Bonnieux! We left about 10am and the walk is about 8km. It was nice outside though pretty hot. By the time we arrived in Bonnieux, we were all pretty sweaty!

Being with new girls was a lot of fun in talking to them and getting to know them a little bit better. Kelsey who is also as a Fashion Marketing student at the Atlanta campus and I talked about classes and seem to have a lot in common. She is from Mississippi so we are pretty close  to each other! She is currently collectly dead bugs and freezing them here because she wants to to gold leaf them and put jewels on them as a project…we found this guy in the middle of the road…

We stopped at a pizza place where they had some lunch and then we all went to go walk around the market.

Sadly, my lactose intolerance excludes me from joining in on tasty meals such as pizza and gelato but I still had fun being with them!

The market was pretty small but is always fun to see what they have. There were many of the same vendors that are at the Apt market.

One man who was making flavored nuts called me very beautiful after I took a photo of him…always nice to get a compliment in French!

We continued to walk around Bonnieux since I had never been there. The “new” church that is there was built in 1870. It was a gorgeous little town and I am glad that I was able to go see it. I definitely think I will be returning! It was great to have a day where we had nothing planned- I think it was the first one we have had since we arrived.


I wanted to be back for the workshop that had been set up for a few of “celebrity” visitors from SCAD Style Week. They are here for the weekend to do workshops and work. The visiting artists include Chris Benz, Cameron Silver, Derek Blasberg, and a few others. Those are the big names though. I was so excited to get to be around them and see what kind of work they were doing in the studio. While I was there, they were having a water color workshop where they were learning the proper techniques, etc.

Chris Benz, who has  the pink hair, had been inspired by a woman he saw in the market with a visor on who was holding a baguette. He said he was creating the pattern on her shirt as a recent love for patterns which he used a lot of in his Spring/Summer 2011 collection!

Afterwards, I was worn out and went back to my room. I listened to some music and decided that I was just not going to do any school work today! Such a nice decision- might be regretting it the rest of the weekend but oh well…I deserve a break for myself! I then fell asleep until 6:30pm, showered again, and went down to dinner.


I headed back to my room, put on my PJS, and came down to the computer lab! I got to talk to Avery for awhile on Skype via my mom’s phone which was great! I got to hear about orientation…sounded like a lot of fun and he is now prepared for college! Gosh that makes me feel old! I loveAustinso I am hoping that I will get to go visit him often! It was hilarious while skyping because while they were at Whataburger, the man working at the drive-thru yelled Hello to me inFrance! I have now been just checking emails, etc. Most people are getting ready to go down to the bar. I just am not really into doing that every night when there are no cute French boys 😦 I definitely will be hitting the night life inParisthough!! Getting very excited forParisin 10 days! But for now, I am going to go back to my room pretty soon. Tomorrow, I have to be up and ready to leave for the Apt market at 9am! I cannot believe only 7 weeks left here…sounds like a lot but in reality not too much time! Xoxo