I began with the same old morning routine, though no breakfast is served on the weekends. We headed to the Apt market though at 9am. We arrived to it being quite crowded as usual but no parking at all! Danielle and I took a couple different routes throughout the market to see the different vendors than we had seen in the past couple of weeks of going.

We also stopped and picked up some espadrille flats for our friends who requested a pair each. They had all colors…it was fun to look at all the different choices! It is always such a great time to people watch and smell the wonderful smells around!

Afterwards, we headed with Deb (my printmaking professor) to the Eleclerc, which is the “Wal-Mart” ofFrance. I got a few well more like a lot of things that I needed. It is nice though because I am figuring out what I like to have in my room here and what snacks are good to keep on hand. We took our time there though and missed brunch at the café.

We ended up getting back at around 2:15pm. It was good to get away for the morning though. I went quickly down to the computer lab to check on my Photoshop project that I had completed and was getting ready to submit…and it was gone 😦 I was so upset. I could not believe and still cannot believe that I left it on the desktop and it was erased. Unfortunate mistake. I just sat there and was not sure what to do with myself.

I had to pep up though and go to the painting workshop which was being help for the SCAD Style visitors. I went and was not really needed there except to observe.

I decided that I should probably get some other work done though since tomorrow I am going to have to restart and submit my project for my online course. So I came back to my room and worked on my Art History paper which is due on Wednesday. I read the articles to support a visual analysis report on the Maison Caree. I also did some sketches for ideas for my printmaking class.

It was then almost 5pm so I quickly freshened up and met the Memmi’s at Café de Sade. They are friends of my grandparents, Sylvie and Bee. Bee and Monsieur Memmi(Moshe) had worked together in the grain trading business before they both had retired. Josyanne(Moshe’s wife) and Moshe met me to welcome me to Lacoste and be wonderful hosts of my new home, southernFrance! We had a nice drink out on the terrace where we talked a bit about what was going on and got to know each other a little bit. It was a little tough to get over the language barrier but Moshe speaks English quite well and Josyanne understands some. It was nice also because I could pick up on some of their French too from taking 3 years of French in high school. We then hopped in the car and went to a nursery in the valley area in a village called Roussillion.

They bought some flowers for their garden and I enjoyed looking around! We all got back in the car and drove to Gordes. It is a small village though much larger than Lacoste.

We parked the car and walked around for a bit so that I could see the castle, and a little bit of the town. Josyanne picked up a whole grain baguette as well. They then took me to their home which is on about 8 acres of land and is about 5km away from the village of Gordes. Now let me say now, their home is beautiful!

They built the house on the land about 21 years ago and have lived there ever since though live half the year now at their apartment in Paris. I got the house tour as well as their guest house.

We then sat out on the patio and had appetizers as well as a drink. It was so nice to just relax and see France from another view.

It was absolutely pure silence when we were not speaking which was wonderful! Josyanne prepared tuna with tomatoes, cantaloupe, and the fresh whole grain baguette. It was very simple yet delicious! She also had baked a wonderful “natural” apricot tart. She said that she has been working on being healthy with her cooking so she did not use any sugar but it was just thin dough with sliced apricots and a few sliced almonds on top and baked.

It was delicious! I took lots of photos while I was there and it was such a fabulous night!

Moshe then drove me home and I arrived back in Lacoste at about 10:30pm.

I am so thankful for the experiences and new things that I have been able to do while I have been here. Tonight was just another eye-opening experience to a completely different lifestyle in how you must enjoy life. The Memmi’s were so generous to have me over and have already invited me back next week for lunch with another couple who is friends of my grandparents! I am already excited to spend more time with them.

I am preparing myself now for a busy, busy Sunday full of lots of work since I have put it off and lost part of it. It is going to be good though to have a productive day and we are also having the annual side walk arts festival here in the afternoon. It should be a good break for me! Well I am off to bed for now in order to have a successful day tomorrow! Goodnight!