This morning, I slept in a bit later than normal! It was great and then I went on a long walk with my iPod. I have created a Sunday routine for myself with taking my music along and it makes a great difference! I returned and threw my laundry in. It is always nice to start a new week with clean laundry! The small things in life that we take for granted.


I then went down for lunch a little bit after noon, came back to my room, and read articles for my art history paper due Wednesday. We have to write a visual analysis argument? I am still not sure what I am going to write about but I started reading about the Maison Caree and unfortunately, I am not sure what kind of argument I am going to create from it. I think I may have to change my topic. I finished the articles though and came straight to the computer lab to restart and Photoshop self-portrait project. This time it went a lot faster though since I knew that I was doing…somewhat! It helped to have Danielle’s hard drive so that I have everything saved and backed up now.I finished up around 3pm and went down to where the 4th Annual Sidewalk Arts Festival in Lacoste was going on!

It was a lot of fun to see everyone participating and walk around. Lots of creativity and a surprisingly large amount of people in Lacoste for the festival!


I stayed down there until about 5:30pm when they announced the winners from each division and shot off confetti!


We had dinner, and then I worked on sketching ideas for my printmaking class. We are doing lithography, and pronto plates over our monoprints. Confusing but you print a piece (for example rub ink over rocks on your paper so you then have a texture as your background) then on top you put the paper through the printing press with your pronto plate design (so for the example you could then print words over the texture)! I am trying to get some good ideas before I go ahead and print though. I walked out and starting walking back to my room when my name was being called from behind. I turned around and Derek Blasberg was calling me! I was shocked he remembered my name and I felt quite honored!! (He is one of the guys visiting from SCAD Style!)


I uploaded my pictures and have since come down to the computer lab to check out everything that’s going on in the world! I am glad to hear that a few of my friends from Denver went back for the reunion this past weekend and it sounded like they had a great time! Always good to have your supportive friends around and being able to keep in touch with them is especially important! Now, time to prepare for the week and ahead and AH PARIS is so soon! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready for a great week ahead! XOXO