This morning began as the usual! Wow shocking I know… I then was a bit excited because for my art history class, we got to go to Apt which is the bigger city about 20km away from Lacoste (where we go to the market on Saturdays!) We left at about 9am and got to Apt about 25 minutes later. We got to walk around until 10am when we met at the Apt Cathedral- Sainte Anne Basilica.

The Apt Cathedral was absolutely beautiful. It was weird because from the outside it does not look like much, but when walking in, I was astounded!

The church dates back to when Christianity was legalized with the Edict of Milan. Much of the inside of the church reflects that of Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque styles. We then got to go down into the Upper and Lower Crypts. It was so interesting to see the stones dating back with Roman inscriptions, as well as slabs on the ceiling dating back to the 8-9th centuries.

We then went into the Sainte Anne Chapel. It has a dome ceiling and the front altar is full of reliquaries.

The Treasures are in the sacristy where we got to see many items such as capes, vases, linens, and rosary beads. It was all so amazing that the items still exist in such good form today.


Afterwards, we were set free to adventure around Apt for the next hour! I walked around for awhile just window shopping because many of the stores were closed with it being Monday. It was nice to have time to look around without having a ton of people around from the market! I did not make any purchases, I feel like I am waiting for the perfect moments to buy souvenirs though I did get a Coke Zero!


We got back around noon for lunch. I then read my articles for art history to start my paper though did not start writing the paper. I got a bit distracted. I then decided to work on my art history journal and sketch one of the stained glass windows from the cathedral.

I finished that which was a sense of relief! I also sketched more ideas for my lithographs for monoprintmaking. I came to the computer lab to work on printing out the rest of my articles and continued to procrastinate by skyping with my mom and Bertie!


Dinner time rolled around and then I went back to the room to upload my images from the cathedral today! I then came down to the Mac Lab to work in Photoshop to create the images I am going to print for printmaking. That was one difficult task that I somewhat overcame just now! Thank goodness! It wore me out though so I do not think I am going to actually start printing until class tomorrow morning. Tonight, I am going to finish up here and go to sleep! Tomorrow is going to be good to get some printing done and then work on my paper all afternoon 😦 Oh well… my fault for putting it off! Today though was super really hot and without air conditioning, I am dreading being able to fall asleep in the heat. Let’s hope it is not too bad! Don’t mean to complain too much…but wallis needs her beauty sleep! Bonsoir!