This morning started off well with a foggy morning which made it was a bit cooler which was nice! I then had printmaking class where we just experimented with ideas for what our next project was going to consist of. I had some sketches of these bracelets that I liked from a magazine cutout I had so I think I am going to print them in color over some monotype colored background prints that I do.


We then had lunch and I was feeling pumped up about getting this paper done this afternoon. So I had all my sources laid out on my bed and got myself all ready. I read through them and highlighted key areas that I was going to talk about in my paper. The assignment was to write a 2-3 page visual analysis on something that we have seen while we have been here. We also had to cite our 3 sources inChicagostyle. I got my paper started and finished it up about 4pm! I was so happy that I took a break and listened to some music and played Solitaire!


I then decided to come to the Mac Lab to check my email and send my paper to myself so that I could print it from the lab. Well, while I was checking my email, I saw that I had an email from the NY State Police. I was like OH MY so I opened it…BAD IDEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! So then my computer, everything on my computer just went bye-bye. I was not sure what to do. I started to cry and just sat there shocked. A really graduate student was sitting near me and told me to go talk to Eleanor and figure out how to talk to the tech guy or do something to fix the problem. I was feeling like a panic attack was coming on so I stepped outside and breathed for a moment telling myself that everything was going to be okay. My first thought was though that I just completed that whole paper and now it was completely gone. I just wanted to go curl up in myMemphisbed and be comforted but unfortunately, that was not going to happen. I headed to Eleanor’s office and she like had no idea what to do since the tech guy was gone for the day. She suggested getting on the phone with the tech support from Dell and figuring it out. I got the number and called from her office. Well 2 hours later, a support guy was screen sharing with me and analyzing what had happened after paying $150, blah. It was terrible. He did say though that things would be fixed so that gave me a bit of encouragement. I was sitting under Eleanor’s desk because it was the only place to get internet and my back was dying! I told him that I was going to miss dinner, so I put him on hold and went to dinner quickly but even when I came back, the software was still analyzing. I am not sure I have ever watched a screen for so long just with data information flying by. Well I thought if this doesn’t work…my paper will be late and F. Finally after 3.5 hours on the phone, I am back from Hell! My computer has been restored for the most part and all my pictures and documents were restored. HELLO EXTERNAL HARDDRIVE WALLIS!!! I cannot believe that I have nothing backed up so that is my first purchase inParis!


I am finally printing my paper and heading to bed ASAP. I am so worn out and feel like I have missed the whole night being under a desk on the phone with Ted! Thank goodness my computer is back and working though. The good Lord is watching me 🙂 Hope you never have to go through that! Anyways, so tired and XOXOX!