Well I awoke this morning to a cool air blowing into my room through the window! It was so nice compared to the heat we have been facing the past few days! I looked outside and it was very gloomy. I went out on my run and as I was returning to Lacoste, it started to sprinkle! I could tell it was going to be worst later but it was okay to get back. I showered, went to breakfast, and met my class to leave for a field trip to Lourmarin to see the Chateau.

We drove across and through the valley to end up in the town of Lourmarin. Upon arrival, we could see the Chateau.

I wish it had been a nice day out but it was still beautiful outside despite the rainy weather. We walked around the gardens of the Chateau and then met with our tour guide who was absolutely fabulous!

She was very funny and spoke a good bit of English. She gave us the history of the architecture of the Chateau along with then giving us the tour of the inside where the rooms are set up to be as they would have back in the day. It was very interesting that the Chateau had been built in the 15th century as a defensive housing area with apartments by Foulques d’Agoult.

It had been built for his mistress. The masons that worked for him were Protestants who had escaped the Catholic Church and he allowed the masons along with their families to practice worship as they liked. Then in 1526, Louis d’Algoult-Moutauban (the original owner’s nephew) and his wife enlarged the Chateau with the addition of the Renaissance wing including the tower.

It was the first Renaissance building in Provence. In 1920, the Chateau was to be sold as a quarry so people could buy the stone. Luckily, Robert Laurent-Vibert bought it. He died in 1925 in an accident but in his will had donated the Chateau to the School of Arts and Sciences in Aix-en-Provence. Sorry for the history lesson but it was fascinating!!

As we were leaving, it started to rain! Driving back, I was tired with being in the car and it raining but I stayed awake and as we were arriving back to Lacoste, we could see lightening out in the distance which was awesome!

We had linen exchange today so I got to get new sheets! Love that! And side note…when I was shopping with my mom before I left, she questioned and laughed at me for wanting to buy dryer sheets to take with me. And I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have those darn dryer sheets! Makes my bed at least smell like home 🙂 Anyways, walked to lunch and as we were eating, it started to POUR! It was terrible because there was no way I was going to walk back and be soaked. I waited it out for awhile and headed back to my room around 1pm. I got back and wrote part of my journal entry for my field trip along with a few postcards and fell asleep! When I awoke, it was lighter outside and had stopped raining! I got up and went to La Poste to send off my cards and went back to the room to finish up my journal. I then uploaded my pictures and went to the computer lab to check my email and watch an episode of Weeds!

Dinner time came around and then we had a meeting forP aris! We leave on Monday! WAHOO! I cannot tell you how excited I am for the trip! We do not get our itinerary until Friday though so I am still trying to figure out when I am going to go see the things that I want to see and of course SHOP! A lot of people do not have class tomorrow so they are going to the bar tonight…I am worn out I think from the rain and just having sort of a lazy day. Paula Wallace, the president of SCAD, arrives tonight so I have to prepare myself for my printmaking class tomorrow that she will be watching in on! So must I say Bonsoir for tonight!