This morning, it was cool outside! OH how I love cool air when I have not been able to sleep the past week very well because it has been so miserably hot in our rooms. I am so glad that I stole Avery’s alarm clock before I came here because it gives the temperature which is awesome- anyways it’s been like 86 in here at night which compared to living in an air conditioned 74 degree home is a big change! I did the normal routine and headed to printmaking class.


Last night, I guess there had been a huge party with a DJ and all for a local’s birthday party. It was quite funny too everyone though this morning at breakfast and in class either hung-over or sleep deprived! In printmaking though, we had to prepare for our visit from Paula Wallace, SCAD’s President! We all pepped up and had a demo while she came in for about half an hour. Afterwards, we got to work on our prints though and get some ideas going for our next project which is not due until afterParis-yay!


We had lunch and I came back to the room where I felt like just taking a rest. I was a bit restless last night with my roommates not coming in until 3am and then I was the only one who had class this morning at 9am! So I went out on the terrace, it was gorgeous out with a nice breeze and I completely fell asleep, book in hand! I woke up about an hour later and started to read The Time Traveler’s Wife. It is really good so far! I read about 2 chapters and decided to come inside since I was starting to sweat! I love Thursdays because it is the beginning of my weekend and I have this sense of freedom and time! So I then went to the computer lab where I tried to upload pictures from yesterday but something is not working with my pictures and Facebook unfortunately. Hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon though! I went back to my room after awhile and just listened to some music and wrote in my journal. I also worked on my art history journal from our fieldtrip to the Lourmarin Chateau on Wednesday. I then decided to read part of July’s Vogue…I am trying to take it slowly so that I do not run out of magazines before I leave!


Dinner time came around and everyone was all dressed cute for the concert that a few students were putting on for Bastille Day and of course then to go our afterwards to celebrate! I came back to the room, showered, and got ready to go up to Maison Forte for the concert. It was a great set of different acts people put on from piano playing, to singing, playing the guitar, and reading. I was quite impressed!

We then had our mocktails out on the terrace with Paula Wallace and her entourage.

They then gave us all SCAD hats!

It was fun to have everyone together though it was getting pretty chilly!

I then came back to the room and am sitting here with my comfy PJS on! It says its 75! I decided not to go out since compared to the Bastille Day inParisthe last time I was here, I did not think there was going to be anything to compare! The bar here just does not seem to excite me so hopefully inParisI will go out! I am excited to have a rest day tomorrow and hopefully will get some work done for my classes so that I do not have to stress while inParisnext week! Have a fabulous day 🙂 Oh and I love my mom despite her laughing at my dryer sheets! Anyways, I am really missing being able to go get a manicure/pedicure from Joslyn, having a cell phone, wearing my slippers, having my own room, bed, and closet with my clothes, and I am a little tired of sharing a bathroom with 3 other girls…but I guess when I get home I am going to miss looking out my window at the picturesque southern France so I guess I cant have my cake and eat it too! Oh well! Especially love tonight the cool air coming in my room with the scent of a bonfire and the full bright fabulous moon! Bonsoir!