Began the day off well with sleeping in a little bit later since it’s the weekend! Shortly after my morning routine, Danielle, Felicia, Jane, Danna, Sara, and I adventured our way to Bonnieux for their Friday market! I had not gone over there with them before so we went on their scenic route through the valley instead of on the curvy main road. It was so nice out- high 70s with a cool breeze and the sun shining!

We arrived in Bonnieux about an hour later and it was great as always to walk around the market.

I go every week but just is one of those things that does not get old. I always am picking up on new wonderful scents and seeing things I had not seen previously! I went to the ATM to get some Euros before our trip toParisand then we walked around the town for a bit but then headed back in time to be back in Lacoste for lunch. 

Fridays are great because I do not feel like I have to do work. I know that’s probably not the best mind set but its nice to take a break! This afternoon, I tried again to upload pictures and it just is not working. Hopefully I will be able to get a flash drive in Apt tomorrow and upload them from a computer in the lab. So after getting frustrated with that, I decided to go back to my room, throw on my bathing suit, and bask with my book in the sun! Ah and it was fabulous! I ended up staying out there for a few hours and then going back to the computer lab for a bit to check emails, etc. Dinner time came around so I went to the room, showered, and went to dinner.

Afterwards, I went to the room to play Solitare and just lay low. Not too much going on so I read a few articles from my Vogue! I have new found respect for Emma Watson. I am impressed with all she does especially taking on so many roles as actress, model, and fashion designer meanwhile taking classes! Anyways, I now just came down to the lab to get online. It was nice outside with my sweatshirt on and shorts. The weather makes me think of whenever I am in upstate New Yorkat the St. Laurence river! I even got to smell a fire going and feel a bit comforted by that! I think tonight I am going to go back to my room, maybe watch a movie and go to sleep to get up early and go to the Apt Market! Oh and I forgot to mention…today was a sad time with my gel manicure finally chipping off(lasted for a full 3.5 weeks-impressive) and used my last crystal light packet 😦 Definitely going to go into withdrawals…package time!!(cough cough) parents 🙂 Very ready to escape to the world of Paris! TGIF!