This morning began as normal and then we headed off to the Apt Market! It was great as always… I just wish that I was able to like buy food their and come back to a kitchen to cook!

Its not always fun just looking at the items week after week and not actually getting to indulge! Danielle and I went a little bit outside of our normal pathway today and saw this knob stand! She ended up buying a few for her mom!

I am waiting on getting souvenir type items until the end of the quarter but if anyone has anything in mind- give me a shout out! The flat espadrilles are really cute- have all sizes and colors! This morning, I was telling Danielle that I wish there was a way to capture a scent like a picture!

You just cannot imagine the amazing and new smells that I pick up on each week at the market- its so fabulous and I wish I could share!


We then came back around noon, and I went up to the terrace with my book! It was so nice out and I ended up staying out there for about 3 hours! I then went to the computer lab to attempt once again in uploading my pictures- SUCCESS! I bought a flash drive at a little electronic store in Apt so I used it to transfer my pictures to one of the computers in the lab! I then watched a few episodes of Weeds. As I was walking back, it was quite overcast so I was glad that I was able to spend the nice part of the afternoon in the sun! I took a shower, and threw my laundry in the washer in preparation forParis!!


I went down to dinner and got my itinerary packet for what are requirements, etc. are for the week inParis. I am trying to figure out all that I can fit in with just 5 short days there! So many museums, stores, and places that I want to go! I am hoping that I will be able to have a good time alone yet with people too. I think it will be good to spend time with the different people here. I just feel like this trip should be what I want to do though so I do not want to get pulled back by other people so I am excited to be a bit independent! I am thinking the priorities are seeing a few museums that I have seen though do not remember that well- different look on things 8 years later!, then shopping of course, and tasting some good food! I hope that people are willing to spend money on food though because sometimes I feel like they are not and would rather go to McDonalds which is definitely not what I am going to be doing!!


Anyways, I came down to the lab to escape my room that has no power currently! Today has been a bit hard- I talked to Emma which was great and briefly chatted with Hannah yesterday! I miss being able to see them like I usually am right now up at the River! I am missing my brother a lot too since we haven’t talked barely since I got here. It has been weird especially with him going to college and I won’t be seeing him before then. I guess just a lot of things are hitting reality today for some reason and I just am feeling a bit weak/down. Now though I am chatting with my mom who isAtlantafor Market! I love being able to Skype via iPhone! I also chatted with Brittany who was my roommate inDenverwho absolutely amazing and supportive. It is so nice to know that I have support from people all around me when I usually do not even realize it. I am glad that I am able to chat with my friends from all around the world while I am here. Jillian is informing me now about her cleaning craze today and how much we both are missing the Today show since I am here and she has class in the mornings! So I hope thatParisrevives me to be myself! I am also going to the Memmi’s again tomorrow night to meet another couple who is friends with my grandparents, the Powers. They have come to stay with the Memmi’s this week to go to a local music festival! Last time was so great, so I am looking forward to it! And I was even told to bring my bathing suit!! Tonight, there is a Opera concert up at Pierre Cardin’s Chateau. I opted out so I think I am going to head to my room and watch a movie. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great Sunday! Goodnight!