Thank goodness this morning was a better start to my day compared to that of last evening! I was in the dumps but when I woke up this morning, I was feeling a bit better despite the huge gusts of wind and cloudy sky! I went out for my Sunday walk and went a completely different route than normal- I was in need of a change up! I was exhausted though when I got back. It had started to rain while I was out and I had started to get cold but was much better once I had taken a shower and gotten ready for my day.


I went down to lunch around noon and came back with it raining outside…glad I had taken my umbrella! I then headed down to the computer lab because I had to submit my final work for my online class. I also had to get a few other things done for the class since I will be gone this week! The computer lab was very crazy though with everyone shouting out different plans and schedules they were creating forParis-lots of excitement!! I got it done and came back to my room to listen to my book on my iPod and do a few Sudoku puzzles! I am listening to Room which is told from the point of view of a 5 year old boy who has been kidnapped with his mother. I am currently in the middle of the story and it has gotten quite exciting! I then though had to get ready to go down to the Café here to meet the Moshe Memmi along with another couple who is friends of my grandparents, the Powers. We met around 5:30pm and had a drink at the café. It was very nice to be with them especially with Bill Power speaking English. I felt a little more talkative in that there was not a language barrier. We then went back to the Memmi’s home for aperitifs (drinks and appetizers) out on the patio despite the gloomy weather. The sun came out for a bit but then we headed back inside for dinner. It was great to spend time talking about family, etc. I enjoy being around older people and I am glad that I am able to pick up on some French while they are talking. They were nice enough to include me though as well! After dinner, we sat down and called my grandparents, Bee and Sylvie! It was so great to all talk- made me like want to cry!

So fabulous there are all these connections! I am so thankful! They then drove me home and once again it was a wonderful night. But on our way back, we noticed the gigantic, gorgeous, glowing moon- it was absolutely stunning!

I tried to get a few pictures but cannot even compare to the view!


So I am now getting ready forParis! It is in the low 70s tonight so much cooler than usual… I am getting a bit worried because the weather inParisis highs of low 70s and rain for the week 😦 But Hello I will be in Paris so I should not complain…just might be buying a few warm jackets! Hope you are having a nice Sunday just as I did and are preparing yourself for an exciting week to come!