Well the morning was the usual routine without then having to go to class which was great! It was nice to go to my room after breakfast and be able to continue getting ready along with figuring out my schedule for Paris! I then decided to go outside on the terrace and read because it was so nice out. I ended up falling asleep and waking up for lunchtime!

I then went down to the computer lab and was able to chat with my mom for a bit before returning to my room to finish up packing and head down to the bus! We left Lacoste at about 2pm and arrived at the TGV train station in Avignon right around 3pm. The bus ride was fine- I just listened to my book on my iPod. At the train station, we had a little less than an hour to hang out before getting onto the train. I went again outside to read but ended up coming in because of the amount of nasty smoke that was outside. People here are crazy about their cigarettes! Nasty! We then hurriedly got onto the train and I got a seat that was backwards to the direction in which we were going so I was feeling a bit car sick. I ended up falling asleep despite drinking a Coca Light before! It was nice to get a nap in but then I was still a bit tired though so ready to get to Paris!

We arrived at the Gare de Lyon in Paris at about 6:45pm.

We then walked to our hotel, Hotel Home Latin. The weather out was relatively chilly and gloomy but it was nice to be able to get a glance at our surroundings! We are in the Latin Quarter which is relatively central to the city which is nice and convenient. I am rooming with Danielle and Sara but luckily we got a corner room of the hotel, and a balcony! We are the only ones so that is a plus despite the fact that Danielle and I are sharing a bed! So when we got here, I was freezing so put on some pants, a sweater, and my scarf. Most of the SCAD kids decided to go see Harry Potter but I was not going to go waste my first night in Paris doing that. I decided to go out with Stephanie and Mallorie. We walked up to the Pantheon, then down past the Universite, and to Notre Dame. It was nice to just walk around and get a feel for Paris!! We then stopped at a small café, Café Metro, and had a nice dinner.

We came back to the hotel at about 10:45pm and now I am in bed! I am a bit exhausted! Danielle just got back from her trip with Phelicia and Brittany to the infamous McDonalds and a few souvenir shops! I was quite happy with my decision to walk around tonight and enjoy my first night!

Tomorrow morning, we are headed to the Musee d”Orsay so I think I am going to wake up early and run along the river! We shall see how it goes! Already in love with Paris and so glad to be here! Chao!