Yes I just made up a word- terrible terrific Tuesday. The day was a complete mixed emotion so both words became my day in a nutshell!

I woke up early to go for a run but as soon as I opened our balcony door to feel the temperature outside, I saw that is was pouring outside! I was stunned but decided just to go back to bed although it was a beautiful sight from my window! I woke up about 30 minutes later to shower and get ready for the day! We checked in with Eleanor and then the majority of the SCAD students had a required field trip to the Musee d’Orsay for either art history courses, or one of the other fine arts classes.

So to know the background information on my outfit, I was wearing my reddish Marc Jacob jeans, a J. Crew tank, a J. Crew cotton sweater, my black scarf, and a pair of flat Sam Edelman shoes. We stepped outside and immediately, I was cold. Thank goodness I had my Marc Jacobs umbrella but goodness; it was raining and cold…my least favorite besides snow especially if I have to be out in it!! Anyways, we arrived at the Musee d’Orsay and I was absolutely miserable. There was no way that I was standing in line for an hour outside to get in and then walking around completely soaked. I talked to my professor, and he said despite the fact that the museum was required; we could leave and come back at another time. I headed out with Shelley, Megan, Allysa, Shannon, and then Roxy decided to come as well. We walked back to one of the main streets to hail a cab but figured soon that was essentially impossible. They decided to run into a little café to warm up but there was so way I could stand being cold any longer and Roxy did not want to sit down either so we trekked on. We decided to run into an art supply shop because we had heard they spoke English and Roxy had to pick up some painting supplies. The lady who helped us was very nice and informed us where to get on the Metro to get to theLaFayettegallery (Printemps) and one of the major shopping areas. We left and walked across the river to the Louvre. We did not though see where to get on the Metro but luckily, I spotted a lady and her children getting out of a taxi so we jumped right in! AH and we arrived to Printemps!!

Let me begin by saying, I cannot even explain the craze that we walked into. Best described would be Macy’s at Christmas maybe? Oh it was amazing and completely overwhelming! There are 7 floors of everything from shoes, to bags, to clothes, to swimwear, etc. And names like Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, Longchamp, and the list goes on! We decided to leave though and go into H&M first since I had never been! I ended up getting a cute top but the dressing room, was like paradise just to take off my wet shoes!

We then walked back to Printemps to begin our journey through the store! We started with the bottom where the shoes are. I cannot believe how many wonderful shoes are out in the world but they are there! I was dying to buy a pair but I sadly did not end up doing so. I think though with the way tonight ended up, I will be returning to buy some soon! I was definitely tempted by the Burberry rain boots but alas, I do not think they would make it back in my full bag! We continued up through makeup, and bags, and then up to womens wear. The designer rooms were fun to look at but it was not worth the time, going in and tempting myself to clothes more expensive than my whole wardrobe! Up a ways though, there was a little bit more reasonable clothing items which was great. It is definitely hard though with the exchange being so weak. I did end up buying a pair of 7 jeans though they were on sale here, yet about the same price as they would be in the states 😦 Oh well! My legs were much warmer!

By that point it was about 3pm, so Roxy and I went outside into the rain to a little café for lunch. It was simple and nice; we were in search of warmth! We walked then to Zara which sadly did not have anything I was really interested in and then to Sephora which is always fun just to look around in!

We figured that we should look for more stores outside of Printemps but it was pretty hopeless with it being so gross outside and neither of us really up for the search. Inside of Printemps, there is this fabulous historical dome so I took a few pictures at that point!


We went back to the coat, jean, and a few other floors! Oh how beautiful that Burberry coat was at 919 Euros! Ha I was so in love yet my budget…not so much! I looked for a jacket but was just then frustrated that I could not just walk into my closet at home! I really did not want to buy something that I already have so I ended up just being cold and complaining instead of dealing with it…definitely my fault!

At about 5:45pm, we jumped onto the Metro back to a stop near our hotel! I was so thankful to then see a Starbucks when getting off; however, they then did not even have my tea so a bit of a disappointment! But got back to the room, jumped in the shower to get rejuvenated, put my PJs on, and hopped into bed! It was wonderful!

I was very hungry though so I looked up where the Memmi’s had suggested a nice dinner for me and I walked to Brasserie Balzar. To give a little history, the establishment owes its origins to the fun-loving, red-bearded Amédée Balzar, who left his native Picardy in 1890 to serve beer on tap to the students in the rue des Ecoles, the university area ofParis.  On the left as you leave the Sorbonne, the tavern became a brasserie in 1931 under the direction of the reputed Cazes family Balzar who ran Chez Lipp on the boulevard Saint-Germain. Marcelin Cazes wanted the Balzar to be a second Lipp and commissioned the same architect, Louis Madeline to design the interior. The sober wood paneling, the vast mirrors on each wall, the moleskin banquettes, the bistro chairs, the green and white tiling, ceramic vases and clock – no, the art deco atmosphere has not changed. It was nice to have a quiet evening for myself and then had a tea. I walked around a bit while it had stopped raining afterwards and then headed back to my hotel to get in bed for WARMTH!!

I have not moved since! I did get to Skype with my mom for a bit and got an exciting email that she had sent me a package to Lacoste! I also emailed my dad who informed me that last time I was inParis, I stayed in a hotel near the one I am in now! I had no idea! I am now figuring out what type of clothing I am going to wear tomorrow since there is only a 30 percent chance of rain and high of 60!! Good lordy, I am already preparing! I am not sure if my running routine is going to last while I am here with it being so cold which makes me very 😦  We will see though! Tomorrow= Louvre in the morning along with Musee L’Orangerie and then the afternoon is to be spent at the Bibliotique Nationale de Francaise! Let’s hope it’s a great warmer day!! Goodnight from Paris!