Oh this morning seems like it was forever ago! I got up this morning and it was gloomy out but I decided to get up and go for a run anyways! I mean no big deal running by Notre Dame, the Louvre, and just throughout beautifulParis!


I then got back to the hotel and prepared for the day ahead of me! Eleanor told us this morning that we had the option to just go out on our own since going in a huge group is always so difficult so Danielle and I headed to the Louvre at about 9:30am. It was great to go with our museum passes because there was no line! We adventured around seeing all the “major” pieces along with a few others and then left at about 11:30am. I then convinced her to come with me to the Musee Les Arts Decoratifs. Right now, they are having an exhibit displaying collections from fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan. Oh it was amazing! The clothes were just so unique from anything I have ever seen on the runways and the exhibit had a great layout. So by that time, we were quite hungry so we looked for a place that had pasta because she was craving some but ended up at a place called LouLou. It was alright- just a “friendly diner!” Nothing too exciting! We had to be back at the hotel to meet to go to the Biblioteque National Francaise for our printmaking required field trip. On our way back, I saw that there was an adventure type store, so I told her to go ahead and I walked in to end up buying a new NorthFace jacket! So happy to finally be warmish! Anyways back to the field trip, I was not that excited about it but when I got there, I was absolutely amazed. We had a private appointment with the curator of historical prints. She had scrapbook like books out that we could look at with prints from anything such as Rembrant to Mary Cassatt to Picasso. It was like nothing I had ever been exposed to. I mean we literally were touching these pieces of art that are in history books! It was amazing!


Afterwards, Shelley and I decided to hop on the metro and head to theChamps Elysees! And yes it was everything I had ever dreamed of! I felt bad for Shelley though because she was in so much pain from her shoes though I made her walk with me some. We saw every store from Dior to Gucci to Celine to Chanel and the list could go on and on! It was FABULOus! I made Shelley go into the Chanel store with me and I found a bracelet and ring that I want but I decided to wait and buy at the original store which I am going to go either tomorrow or Saturday! Poor Shelley was in a lot of pain so we stopped at Starbucks while she got a coffee and rested her feet for a little bit!


My mom’s friends, Robert, and Nicole, who both have spent a lot of time inParis, both told me to go to this store called Colette. We took a taxi down to it, and boy was I just amazed once again to this awesome, really unique and cool store! The bottom floor was where we spent the majority of our time though because they had a bar with the Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola cans! Oh and the toilets…ha it was so high tech. I really want one in my bathroom at home! The seat was automatic, warmed, massaged, blew air, raised up, and wow just did everything! So we left Colette and I saw that right across the street was Jo Malone. I had never been into an actual store so the scent upon walking in was just like glorious! I did not end up buying anything but it still was just refreshing to smell the goodness!


Finally, we headed back to the hotel! I have come to love the metro system here because it is so easy to get around! We got back to the hotel around 8pm and I just sat in my room for awhile talking toDanielle,Brittany, and Phelicia! Always fun to hear what other people did with their day! But we were all pretty hungry and it was raining so we went to a small Italian place down the street for dinner. Brittney and Phelicia wanted to go to the piercing place so Danielle and I walked around for a bit in the rain and stopped at a gelato place. I was quite jealous of her indulgence but we sat and talked for awhile which was nice! We came back to the hotel; I showered to get warmed up and now am in my bed!


Tomorrow, there is a 70 percent chance of rain so I am not too thrilled about that. I am trying to figure out now what I am going to do in the morning because the Pompidou does not open until 11am so we shall see! I am now exhausted from my crazy day but excited for tomorrows adventures! XOXO