Well this morning began quite strangely due to my mistake of forgetting to put in my contacts! I do not know I managed to do that but I woke up and really did not want to be awake. I was kind of hoping it was going to be raining so I could go back to bed but alas I got up and went out for my run. As soon as I walked outside though, I realized I could not see down the street. I thought about running back upstairs but thought oh I will make it! I cannot tell you how in the mornings, I have been running by these bakeries and pastry shops and how wonderful it smells. So tempting!


I came back and got ready for the day! I was not exactly positive what I was going to do so I mapped out my plan. I decided to just do my own thing since I knew that would probably be the easiest for me to get accomplished all that I wanted to do! I hopped on the metro—officially a pro!—and went to Musee Bourdelle. They are having a Madame Gres exhibition right now and it was incredible.

For background info, the museum is a man, Bourdelle’s, old home which has been turned into a museum and been added onto. The Madame Gres show was exhibited through the home and museum so it was a really cool mix of paintings such as Rembrant behind these evening gowns, etc.! I was there for about 2 hours and then decided to head to a restaurant for lunch that Robert, my mom’s friend who is familiar withParis, had suggested. I cannot tell you but this was for sure (besides tonight) the best meal that I have had while I have been in France! I just wish that I had a partner/friend/someone with me to split these meals because I feel guilty leaving half my plate left! Anyways, I had a grilled chicken breast with a salad with haricot verts (green beans) and quinoa! It was delicious!


I then decided to go shopping 🙂 I really wanted to go to the original Chanel store to make an official purchase and to see where she lived and all. It was amazing! The store was HUGE! I was just in awe though some of the new collection is quite bad unfortunately. I did end up buying the ring I had picked out at the previous store. The woman who helped me told me that next season, they are coming out with jewelry sizing so that should help me with buying more! Ha everything though slipped off my wrists and I didn’t have an interest in any of the brooches, they all were a little big and over the top!


I came back t o the hotel to drop off my bags, and get a Coca Light before heading to the Pompidou! I then headed out and figured I would stop by this one hair salon to see if I could get a pedicure. Boy was that a bad idea… It was probably the worst and most expensive pedicure I have ever gotten. But hey I tried to relax and enjoy…was a bit tough though. First off, I asked then realized it was a bad idea and started leaving but the girl pulled me back in. Ugh should have just left but no. She sat me down in her hair chair and just sat in another chair while I put my feet in her lap. And she just did a little filing, etc. then the painting part began. Thank goodness I had brought my own Chanel color otherwise I do not know what kind of color there would have been to choose from. I did not see any options. But it was a dark color so she painted them and then got a qtip with remover to go around the edges. Oh it was a disaster and I miss the Nail and Skin Bar inMemphisso much! I go bi-weekly there and love it! So I guess I am just learning being in a new place, listen to your gut instead of letting a hairdresser do your toenails! I could have just done it myself. Oh well!


After that experience, I walked to the Pompidou! It was about 6pm and it was nice not having the museum be crazy busy! I walked around for about 2 hours and decided to then walk to one of the restaurants that Bill and Agnes Power suggested for me! I walked there in about 45 minutes and OH lordy. It was so fabulous! I knew it would be as soon as I walked up to it! My waiter was so nice and helpful. It was a very upscale restaurant with a bar around the top looking over the restaurant with like a dark, cool mood. Very chic! So I ended up getting the grilled cod with the tempanade on the side. It was similar to like a small plate at Tsunami for those of you who live inMemphis! Anyways, it was cooked fabulously but once again, needed that eating buddy—Avery I am calling your name! They also had French bread that looked and smelled delicious but my fish filled me up! I then walked about 2 miles back to the hotel and have since just been getting ready for bed and relaxing!


Tomorrows journey=Versailles! I am very excited and a bit anxious for what it is going to be like! We shall see- I know amazing as everything else aroundParisbut you never know how the experience will actually be! I have already been assigned tour guide since I have been riding the Metro alone for the past couple of days! So let’s hope we make it there alright! Then depending on what time we get back, I am hoping to go back to the Champs de Elysees to look around again! There is just so much to see and do! Oh and the sun came out today for about 30 minutes! It was fabulous! The rest of the day though was cloudy and sprinkled on and off so it was not too bad. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be about the same though in the afternoon, 40 percent chance of rain compared to today with 70! I am off to bed now!


PS this hotel does not have very good internet service so that is why I cannot upload my photos but do not worry…they will be up as soon as I am back in Lacoste!