I awoke this morning to just thinking one more hour of sleeeeep please! I got up though and went running…I decided to go on a few of the big streets and pass by Laduree to see the window displays! Now if you don’t know what Laduree is…just take a peak at their website…AMAZING! I got back and got ready for the excursion to Versailles for the day!


Kelsey, Laurel, Mollie, Mallorie, Jessica, Stephany, and I got on the metro and headed there just before 10am. We ended up arriving closer to 11am and then saw that there was a huge line although we had our museum passes. I know we are awful people but we skipped close to the front where people were not paying attention and had left a huge gap. I felt a little guilty until I realized we would have been waiting outside for about 2 more hours just to get in! While we were touring the King’s Palace, it was just cloudy outside but just as we walked outside to see the gardens and Mary Antoinette’s estate…it started to pour! We all had our umbrellas but as we started to walk, I told them there was no way I could be miserable the rest of the day from being wet especially my feet. We turned around and waited for a bit at the Palace. Kelsey and I then decided we would get on the train that drives you there so we could stay dry! The rest wanted to go ahead and walk. We got to one of the apartment homes where guests stayed. They were having an exhibit featuring famous designers such as Christian Dior, Chanel, etc. with garments inspired by Marie Antoinette displayed throughout. It was so awesome to see designs throughout the 20th and 21st centuries that have been inspired by such a fashion icon as Marie Antoinette. The sun came out for a second when we walked out so we walked around the gardens for a bit. We could not find the rest of the girls so we went to Marie Antoinette’s home. It was amazing with her own chapel, billiards room, dining rooms, kitchen, changing room, bedroom, etc. As we were walking out though, we saw Laurel and Stephany! We walked around the gardens and then went back to the main home. We took pictures out by the gardens and decided to leave before any rain was to come back!


I went my own way at that point because I wanted to go shopping! I was shocked to see that it was already almost 5pm and I was starving! I had forgotten to eat anything while I was consumed withVersaillesso I metroed to Tuilleries and walked around Rue Saint-Honore. (my favorite street so far I think!) I decided to stop by a little café while it had started raining and get a bowl of vegetable soup and water! Good quick snack before the shopping began! I went to 7 For All Mankind…50 percent sale though still about the same price as full prices ones in theUnited Statesso I held off! I then went into just a few stores with Ugg, BCBG, Chloe, and a few others with huge sales. Then, I knew I wanted to make a stop at the Laduree there! I bought a few gifts 🙂 It was fun to see the amazingness in person as opposed to on their website. It was getting pretty late by then and stores were starting to close so I quickly decided to run into Longchamp! Love that store! They are having a special editionParisbag that is being featured right now and I could not decide which color so I decided to wait and I am going to go first thing in the morning to get one!


I walked back to the hotel and arrived around 8:30pm. I checked my computer for emails and all and then decided to get ready to go out to dinner. Robert has been the best with suggesting restaurants so I decided to go with his suggestion for dinner at Chez Paul in the Bastille for the “best French cuisine!” I walked about forever to get there but it was well worth it. The atmosphere was great with there being an upstairs, outside area along the street, and an upstairs. I sat upstairs and ordered grilled salmon with vegetables. It was fabulous! The couple sitting next to me even offered me a drink with them though I declined. It was fun though to people watch and have a nice last dinner in Paris!


I walked back and when I was about 3/4th’s of the way  home, a nice looking gentleman starting speaking to me in  French as I was crossing the road. I was not sure what to do but said in French that I did not speak French and he proceeded to ask me where I was from. I explained theUnited States and he tried to speak a bit of English. He was fromArgentina and been inParis studying and working with photography. He was really nice and asked me out for a drink but I was cold and really just wanted to be in bed so I declined. Bad girl but oh well at least nothing like Taken was going to happen! So came back to the hotel and jumped in the shower to heat up! Now I am sitting here exhausted but do not want to leaveParis tomorrow. I really have loved it here despite the cloudy, gloomy weather we have had this past week! I am starting to dread Sunday with all the work I have to get done for my online class but I have all day tomorrow to still enjoy Paris so that is what I am going to do! Longchamp 10am…here I come! Bonsoir!