I cannot tell you how tired just exhausted my body was this morning that there was no way I was getting up and running. I got back in bed and fell asleep for another hour, then awoke and got ready for my day! I packed up everything from the hotel and headed out at a little before 10am! I really had no huge intentions of what I was going to do besides go over to the Longchamp store to buy my specialParisedition bag!


I walked around for awhile and finally the sun came out so I stopped at a little café. I sat in the sun enjoying it while I could and drinking my Coca Cola Zero! I really have found that especially in Paris, people watching is just fabulous! You really never know what or who you will end up seeing which I love!


I then figured that I would walk around a few more stores and then head to Printemps (the well known department store inParis!) I stopped into 4 Chanel stores before doing that…yes a bit pathetic but was so tempted to buy these earrings. I did not end up buying them though I was so close! I also stopped by a few stores with major sales but unfortunately, it seems that most of the stores sales still are more expensive than what I would be paying for in theUS. Although I did not buy much, it was still great to window shop and really get a sense of style around Paris. I definitely was inspired by everything that was going on.


As soon as I walked into Printemps, it started to rain so I was very lucky with my timing! There are 6 floors of woman’s everything. It was similar to the Lafayettegallery that I went to on the first day I was in Parisbut a little bit more specialized and in a beautiful building. There are actually 3 buildings to Printemps though with the women’s, men’s, and home, etc. I walked around for awhile and then Robert had suggested that I go to the 6th floor of the building for lunch at the café. I went up there but sadly it was closed for renovation. Instead, I went to the bottom -1 floor and had a nice Lebanese lunch…nothing I would have ever ordered but hey, I went with it, I guess always good to get out of your comfort zone! I then continued shopping and saw that they had a beauty salon. I went over see about getting a manicure but of course, they were booked for the day 😦 Oh well…worth the try! I decided to go over to the home building to check out the gourmet food section! I picked up a few things as souvenirs and then decided to leave. I saw that outside had cleared up a bit and it was almost 3pm!


I headed back to Rue Saint Honore and the area around because there are a lot of name brand, fabulous stores to look around at. I ended up going back to Colette too because I wanted to get another Karl Lagerfeld special edition Coca Cola bottle. The store is just so cool…I do not know how to put it in words…just cool! Anyways, the floor underneath is a café and bar so I went down and sat at the bar. I ordered my drink and after, the guy next to me said “you must be from the South!” I was a little shocked and said yes explaining that I was there for school, etc. Come to find that he is a buyer inNew Yorkfor Urban Outfitters! He came toParisfor the weekend to take some photos and get some inspiration…I was like uh hello connection! He gave me his business card and it was great to sit and chat. Though while I was talking to him, some creepy guy came up to me and was like “hey remember last year around this time in Miami” and I was like uhh no…proceeded to think I was someone else and it was quite awkward. I was hoping the guy from Urban Outfitters did not think badly of me but I could not really do anything about it! I then left Colette and searched for Didier Ludot where Robert had said there was amazing vintage clothing. I went to the store, and wow I was amazed. There was everything from Dior to Chanel. The dresses were of course very expensive but it was so amazing to see them and their beauty!


The last stop I wanted to make before going back to the hotel for my bags was at 7L. 7L is Karl Lagerfeld’s bookstore. Robert again had said it was a place to go so I thought it would be a good last stop! I walked in and looked around for a bit…lots of inspiration art books and yes fashion books! So as I am reading one of Karl Lagerfeld’s book towards the front of the store…I look up and THERE HE WAS! I was not sure what to do whether I was just going to faint or die in the moment!  He just walked in was talking to the man who was at the front helping someone. The guy next to me, was like “DO you see who that is?!” I was like AH YES! It ended up that the guy was fromNew Yorkand actually works for Chanel there. It was just an amazing moment and I am still star struck! I continued to look around the store, but figured that it would be a pain to carry back a huge book on the plane home with me so I got a few titles to buy when I get back home. I then left and just was not sure what to do with myself out of excitement! I stopped by a little Tabac shop where they sell magazines and picked up the latest August Paris Vogue and Vanity Fair! I was thrilled to see that they were for sale since I would not be able to get anything like that in Lacoste (last time I looked, they still have June’s magazines out in the middle of July!)


I made it back to the hotel right at 6pm to pick up my bags and jump on the 63 bus to the Gare de Lyon train station. I made it right before 6:40pm and waited until about 7pm to board the train! I immediately fell asleep and woke up when we arrived inAvignonat 10pm! We were then greeted by Peter (Eleanor’s husband) and rode the bus back to Lacoste! We then had to carry our bags at about 11pm up the hill to our dorms…I honestly did not know if I would make it but alas, I did! I unpacked, and got in bed to write my blog! I am unfortunately now awake from sleeping all evening on the train and bus! Chatting with my mom though and catching her up on my day! I also am anxiously thinking about how much work I have to do tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to fall asleep after this, wake up and get my work done along with my laundry! I am praying that the weather will be better and warmer here than inParis…i want to badly to wear shorts again! OH and we now have internet in our room?! Life is good! XOXO