Oh and I never knew how happy I could be to be back in Lacoste! Weird I know! It was really nice to come back to my home away from home though and actually have drawers to put my clothes in as opposed to living out of my suitcase! This morning, I slept in later than usual and then went on my usual Sunday long walk. It was nice to get outside where it was actually sunny!! Today has been very extremely windy though. I was pretty cold out this morning but the sun kept me going along with my iPod! I returned to my room, got all my laundry done, got ready for the day, and went to lunch!


I came back to my room to organize my things a bit and get settled back in. I figured that I would start going through all my pictures from Paris…boy was that a job! I had not realized that I had taken so many photos! It has been very nice to come back and have internet in my room…I did not leave my bed until dinner! Yes, quite pathetic! I think I was also dehydrated though because in Paris I did not drink much at all because I did not like having to find a place to use the restroom while I was out and about! Anyways, I decided this afternoon to try to use my phone through Wifi calling so it was exciting when I got to talk to my dad on the phone in my room! I then called Avery and my mom! Avery had just woken up around 11am and was preparing to make brunch with Edward! Felt nice to be connected with my phone again since it had been so long! I then talked to my mom for a bit…trying to figure out a logo for my computer arts class online. Yes…it is due by midnight tonight! I sketched a few things and have been playing around with ideas that are related to fashion. I never knew it would be so difficult to come up with something using a W and T though!


I went to dinner and returned to my room to finish up going through my pictures and uploading them to my flash drive. I then went down to the Mac Lab to upload the pictures to Facebook and to work on my logo in a program called Illustrator. Learning these new programs on the Macs is very interesting but quite a challenge when you have no idea what is going on! Thank goodness there was a girl in the computer lab who helped me get started with recreating my sketches in the program. I finished up just a bit ago and am back in my bed! It is quite chilly outside with wind but I guess I cannot complain with being comfortable while falling asleep instead of sweating to death! Not sure which option is better right now though with my layers of warmer clothes!


I am hoping that this week is going to be a good one! I have art history in the morning and already our field trip has been canceled due to our teacher wanting us to have a break after all our craze in Paris and we get to catch up on our journaling so it should be good! For my afternoon, I am going to have to power our some prints and get something done for our critique later this week! Ideas…ideas…ideas…that is what I am going to dream about tonight! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, are looking forward to a great week ahead, and goodnight!