This morning, I woke up for the normal Lacoste routine! It was quite windy out though so I was very excited to get back to my room to get ready for the day and get in the warm shower! It was a jeans and jacket type of day with it only being in the mid 70s!


My professor cancelled our field trip this morning for art history so that we could have a bit of downtime after our adventures inParis. We got to class and he explained to us that his father has suddenly made a turn for the worst with his pancreatic cancer so unfortunately, he might have to leave to go back to the states for a week. I feel so sorry for him because he is really unsure as to the best thing to do. We then went around the room explaining our “favorite” part ofParis. It was interesting to hear about what people did and liked. I talked about my adventure to the Musee Bourdelle to see the Madame Gres exhibit. We then had a break and came back to get our papers returned to us. I did alright for the first paper. Of course can always make improvements! We also got our assignment for our final paper due at the end of August. I guess it is already time to start thinking about it though! After, we had the opportunity to go and work freely on our journals for class. We are presenting them at the Vernissage as our final piece from the class. I have been working on mine and focusing my attention to my senses with each field trip and experience that I have. I have a lot of catching up to do fromParisthough. I decided to go down to the computer lab to print off a few images to use and then it was lunch time!


I went back to my room after lunch to relax a bit and read my Elle from July! It was nice just to have some time to lie down. I then fell asleep around 3pm and did not wake up until 6pm! I researched a bit online to look for an apartment- I found one great one so I am hoping they email me back with more information! I am already getting excited about coming home! AH need to stop thinking so far in the future and enjoy my time now. What I really would love is just to bring the view from my window here back home and that would be so fabulous! Don’t think it will happen though! I called my dad and then my mom just to check in for a second. Unfortunately, the wifi calling was not working as well today though so I was getting a bit frustrated with repeating myself over and over again! It was then dinner time so I headed to the café.


I am pretty sick of the cafeteria food now especially when most meals have cheese in them and I cannot eat cheese so I usually come back to my room to snack but since we were gone last week, the only food I have is pretzels and is getting pretty old. I am in need of my Trader Joe’s right now! I then worked a bit on my online class and decided around 9:30pm that I should really get to my printmaking since we are having a critique tomorrow and I had nothing done yet! I went up to the PC computer lab to scan in an image to then print on the printing press. It did not take too long to get done but by the time I got into the printmaking studio it was already about 10:20pm! I had mixed my color already and had my paper cut so I got out a brayer to roll the ink and then realized…someone had not cleaned it so my ink was turning black. Major frustrating moment! But Alyssa, another graduate student from my class, was in there working so we were talking and she helped me distress a bit! I cleaned up my area and started over to mix my new ink and got printing rather quickly! I got three prints through the press and called it a night!


I came back to my room close to midnight to go to sleep! There is a jazz concert down at the bar tonight so most people are there! I am off to go to bed though for an early morning and class! I still think my body is just worn out from being so busy inParisrunning around the town to see everything! Definitely missing home though right now and ready for a home meal! Oh and a grocery store like Trader Joes…oh sounds so fabulous! Well I am off to sleep! Bonsoir!