Well last night, I went to sleep quickly but then was awoken by Danielle and Sara coming in to leave to go stay with some guys they had been with at the bar. I could not believe how loud they were but made sure they got out quickly! I went back to sleep but then did not want to get up when my alarm went off this morning! I did my morning routine and was off to the printmaking studio.


I arrived to class and it was a work day…thank goodness! I was commended on my work though by my professor so that was nice! I felt good about what I had started and continued working during class. I experimented with a few ideas and am going to continue layering tomorrow for my critique on Thursday during class. I think it is good just to keep on working on these prints until you come out with something that feels complete. I guess I could keep layering for a long time but it takes awhile for the ink to dry to that is going to prevent me from going over the top with different layers!


It was then lunchtime and then I came back to my room. I have found that with internet in my room, I really do not leave much…I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet!? I got all my pamphlets, tickets, etc. organized by day from Parisso that I could start my journal. I decided then though to take a nap so I slept for about 2 hours. I woke up though having a really weird dream that had seemed like it was reality. I do not really like that feeling so I was kind of weirded out! I then decided to look for an apartment on craigslist which has been the goal before I leave here. Nothing too exciting came up today but I guess more will be coming with the September 1st date being a big day for new leases to pick up with the SCAD quarter starting in the fall. I worked a bit on my journal and then called Avery. Unfortunately, he is sick with the stomach bug so I felt really bad for him in having such a awful morning. There is a sickness going around here as well and I am hoping not to get it. I also called my mom to chat for a bit. Trying just to figure out plans for when I get back…lots of appointments and all to fit during the one week I have before returning toSavannah for school!


Dinner time came around so then I returned to my room to honker down with the work. I was going to go print but Danielle had gone in the studio and said there were a lot of people in there so I decided to stay in my room instead to work on my journal. I had no idea how long it would take to doParis. I am only on Day 2! The weather today was again cloudy and cool so I have not really been motivated to do much. It has been good for me to relax in my room though but bad for my procrastination! I am excited for tomorrow’s art history class since we are going on a field trip to Casanauvre to a local artist’s studio! I am going to try and go to bed earlier tonight! Bonsoir!