I woke up this morning thinking I was maybe going to be rained out of my run but alas I got up and looked outside and it was very very gloomy but not yet raining. As soon as I hit the pavement, it started to sprinkle! I was praying it would not get worst and luckily God was watching me as I got through the rain and back to my room before it started to pour! I got ready for class and was excited because we were going on a field trip!

My class squeezed into two of the SCAD mini buses to go to Caseneuve. It is a small castle town on the other side of Apt. It was about a forty five minute drive in the rain but it was absolutely gorgeous. The town is up on a hillside similar to Lacoste and looking out with all the fog and clouds was spectacular though I did not want to get out of the bus! We arrived to John Pierre Soalhat’s studio. He is a mosaic artist who has been very successful as an artisan creating Roman mosaics.

He works with noble and antique raw materials found in the surrounding ruins of Provence, most more than 2,000 years old. This is what characterizes his creations and makes them so unique and precious. He uses pieces of Roman tile, broken terra cotta jugs, and scatted pieces of antique marble for his work. He cuts the pieces into small reglettes to form the images that become his mosaics. The technique used to assemble the reglettes into images is similar to the ancient upside-down placement method re-invented by the Italian mosaicist, Facchina, at the end of the 18th century. The only contemporary improvement is the addition of resins and cements that make the pieces weather resistant, and therefore adequate for exteriors, swimming pools, fountains, etc.

He showed us works that he had created more recently and they were just absolutely gorgeous. He was lucky that when he started, he took his work to a market in Paris where he sold a table to a member of U2. His name was then popularized worldwide! Since then, he has created tables for Carnegie Hall, Sandra Bullock, Russell Crowe, and many others.

Afterwards, we got to visit his home. It was small but in an amazing historical building in the town. It had an amazing view with an open porch. It was very unfortunate that it had been raining; otherwise we could have spent more time enjoying the view! He offered us pastries and drinks! He was so welcoming and nice!

We returned to Lacoste for lunch and then I came back to my room to take my nap! I had been so cold though that I could not warm up. I decided to get in the hot shower! It was so fabulous! I then put on my pajamas and sweatshirt and fell right asleep! I got up to work on my journal for awhile and decided I needed really badly to go print but it was still raining out and I could not bring myself to leave my bed! I instead stayed and worked until dinner on my journal. Got one more day ofParisdone! I think I may be going far too much into details but I think it will be something that I keep for the rest of my life so I have decided it is worth it to work hard!

It was then dinner time and I went right to the printmaking studio to get started and finished before critique tomorrow!! I went in there alone 😦 ha no but that was good because I was able to spread out and work without distraction! Shelley then came in to work for a bit and played some tunes from her iPhone! I then tried to finish all my layers of printing as quickly as I could and finally got finished right before 11pm! Wahoo! I got back to my room and no one is here which is kind of nice just to get ready for bed and go to sleep! I am kind of nervous for critique tomorrow to see what my class and professor will say about my prints but ill get back to you tomorrow and tell you how it goes! Goodnight! Oh and it has finally stopped raining!