I woke up this morning to look out my window and feel as if I was in a cloud! It was so strange to see that we were up higher than the clouds in the valley…It was like I was floating!

As I was running, I usually can look across the valley and see the Chateau in Lacoste but not today! It appeared as if Lacoste did not even exist…very strange visually! I had my usual morning routine and went to the printmaking studio!


Today was our second critique for the quarter! We all hung up our work and each went along with discussion about our work and feedback, etc. I was up second and I had three pieces that I created specifically for the project and then three that I had just created out of curiosity of messing around with ink and was not planning on presenting those. I hung up my three and then my professor suggested that I hang the other three as well. We are not allowed to explain at first but have to get feedback first and then we are allowed to discuss.

My class though really liked the three that I had not planned on showing. My professor was actually more interested in those than the top three that I had made for the project. I was very surprised but happy with the results. My professor suggested that I add a bit more to the compositions but that I have worked hard and my work was well done! I was happy with the critique but know I have some work to do with the pieces before handing them in for a grade on Tuesday!


Today is Thursday so I then had to take my linens for linen exchange in the cave and get new sheets! Love that! It was lunch time so I went down to lunch and came back to make up my bed. I realized though that I had not signed up for the Saturday morning trip to Apt for the market so I went back down to the café. As I was walking down, one of my friends stopped me and said did you see you have a big package! I was like AH no! So I excitedly headed down and signed up for the market as well as picking up my package! I came back to my room to open up the package from my mom with all the essentials!—crystal light, popcorn, all new magazines, new DVDs, new shirt from J.Crew as well as earrings and letters from Aveman, Sylvie and my mom! It was so fabulous and perfect timing because lunch today was bad so I went straight to the lounge to make a bag of kettle corn! I then went out on the terrace and very much enjoyed it!


Today was gorgeous out for the first time since we have been back from Paris! Thank goodness! I decided I would lie out on the terrace with my Ipod and new magazines! It was absolutely fabulous! I ended up falling asleep while listening to my book but then read Rolling Stone with Katy Perry on the cover! I came in around 5pm to go down to the computer lab to thank my mom and upload some more of my pictures from Paris. I stayed in there for about an hour and then headed back to my room to shower and get ready for dinner.


I had dinner and returned to my room just to relax! And that is exactly what I have been doing ever since! I painted my nails with my Chanel Steel color and decided not to do any work! Tomorrow we are going on an all day excursion to Glanum and St. Remy for my art history class. We go on a tour in the morning but have the afternoon to adventure the town on our own! I am excited to do something different and get out of Lacoste for the day! This weekend though is the Lacoste village festival so it is going to be quite busy around here! So glad it is my weekend and hope you are having a great Thursday! XOXO