Well I had my day off today which was so fabulous! I was so happy to sleep in before our excursion to the town of Saint Remy! We left from Lacoste at 9am for about an hour long bus ride.

We arrived to Saint Remy around 10:15am went immediately to the town next to it called Glanum. It is particularly known for two well-preserved Roman monuments of the 1st century B.C., known as les Antiques, a mausoleum and a triumphal arch, the oldest one in France, located at the site.Both architectural monuments were very cool to see. It was quite windy though so I was so happy that the sun was shining! We then walked across the street to a part of the town that was more recently discovered since Van Gogh had been in the Asylum right down the road.

To give some information about Glanum, it did not survive the collapse of the Roman Empire. The town was overrun and destroyed by the Alamanni in 260 A.D., and was subsequently abandoned, its inhabitants moving a short distance north into the plain to found a city that later was named Saint-Remy-de-Provence. After its abandonment Glanum became a source of stone and other building materials for Saint-Remy. Since the Roman system of drains and sewers was not maintained, the ruins were often flooded and covered with mud and sediment. The mausoleum and triumphal arch, together known as “Les Antiques,” were famous, and were visited by King Charles IX, who had the surroundings cleaned up and maintained. Some excavations were made around the monuments as early as the 16th and 17th centuries, finding sculptures and coins, and by the marquis de Lagoy in the Vallons-de-Notre-Dame in the 19th century. The first systematic excavations began in 1921, directed by the architect of historic monuments, Jules Foremigé. From 1921 until 1941, the archeologist Pierre LeBrun worked on the site, discovering the baths, the basilica, and the residences of the northern town. From 1942 until 1969, Rolland took over the work and excavated the area from the forum to the sanctuary. New excavation and exploration work began in 1982, devoted mainly to preservation of the site, and to exploring beneath sites already discovered for older works

A couple of us hiked up one of the hills to the top of where the ruins are and were able to look out on the town. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Afterwards, we took the bus down to the town ofSaint Remy. We had about three hours to explore and enjoy the town. They gave us a packed lunch but there was no way I was going to eat that while we were in such a cute town with lots of restaurants and stores. Shelley, Alissa, and I went to a little café called La Cantina. I ordered an arugala salad with smoked salmon! I was thrilled to get arugala instead of the typical lettuce that we get in the cafeteria every day! We then walked down the road to a famous chocolatier, Joel Durand. I picked up a few treats for those back home 🙂 I went off on my own at that point to walk around since there was a wine tasting and market going on! It was fun to see the town and walk around for awhile. I then had to go by the ATM and head to the bus by 2:15pm.

We drove back up the road to Saint Paul de Mausole Asylum where Van Gogh stayed from May 1889 to June 1890. I remembered at that point that I had been there! I was like AH this looks so familiar! It was really cool though to see it with a different perspective. I had not realized that he was self admitted there and had really produced a lot of his work there because he was in his element as opposed to feeling his struggles of the outside world. It was interesting also to see the work of the patients who are now there. Last time I was there, my dad and I had picked out a painting that now hangs in my house at home! After being in an art therapy class inDenver, I really had a new appreciation for the work though and the process of how it works. We got to go out to the lavender gardens and sunflower field! And it was hot outside so all was great!

We got back on the bus around 3:45pm and headed back to Lacoste. We got back and I jumped in the shower because I was feeling kind of sweaty and gross from walking around in the heat. I then hopped in my bed and fell asleep until 6:30pm when dinner started! I stayed in my room for a bit though talking to my dad about travel plans for when I get back to the states. I cannot believe it is only a four weeks away!

I came back up after dinner and researched about traveling toMonacofor one weekend in August that we have free! I am hoping it works out because it would be great to experience a new place and be an independent traveler!! Otherwise I may go to Nice orParis…just trying to figure it out while I have a bit of time! But for now, I can hear the music starting down at the festival for Disco Night! I am off to sleep though! Hopefully, I will be able to get on one of the buses to go to Apt in the morning to go to the market…otherwise I am going to be pretty disappointed! Hope you have a great start to your weekend! Bonsoir!