Oh and it was the same ole morning routine today except we don’t have breakfast on Saturday but got on the bus to go to Apt! Eleanor dropped us off around 9:20am but told us that she had to take a few people to the doctor so we would not be picked back up until 12:15pm!—an hour more than usual!


Side note: There is the Lacoste epidemic that has been spreading around since we went toParis. I have not yet gotten it…but I am being very cautious! Danielle had it and is still recovering and I slept in the same bed as her inParisso I am praying that I do not suddenly get ill! Seems like the same symptoms for everyone with lack of energy, congestion, fever, and a lot of coughing…ew!


I enjoyed walking around the market by myself this morning. I got to enjoy the wonderful smells especially that of roast chickens, baking baguettes, pastries, paella, olives, tempanade, and the pizza. Oh how I wish I could share with you the greatness of it all!

I then went to the Super Marche to pick up a few items like fruit and crackers! I made sure not to buy too much because I found out my mom sent me another package secretly but Ed accidentally sent me the link to the shipping information! She then spilled that its full of snacks for me so Yay! I then walked back through the market taking a few pictures…I feel like I try to capture new things each week but usually the same stands are set up so I am sorry if my pictures get repetitive!

I decided then around 11:50am to go sit outside the bakery next to the bridge in the sun and just watch the action of the market and the people interacting.

It is always an experience to people watch here especially in the market! I also love observing the different clothing that the people wear along with just the lifestyle they live with attending the market weekly to get their essentials! So not typical in the states which I wish we did have!


Peter (Eleanor’s husband) then picked us up and drove us back to Lacoste. It was lunch time and then I went back to my room to get to work with my journal. I did start working on it but did get a bit sidetracked into looking for vacation spots for my free weekend here in August. I am thinking it is betweenCannesand Nice right now so just trying to figure out the final plans for it! I then got back to my journal though and worked until dinnertime.


It was so nice out today and I was sad that I did not get to spend more time out there. Around 4pm though, I did walk out on the terrace to look down to the town square where the festival Olympics were being held! Lots of commotion and fun going on it looked like!


After dinner, I came back to my room to get working on this journal that I am still currently working on. It has taken much longer than I expected but I know I will be glad to have it done well when it is finished! Tonight for the festival, they served paella in the town square which smelled very good from my window! Smelled smoky like a wood fire which I love! And now they are having reggae and soul music playing and lots of dancing it looks like! Stephany just yelled up to my window to come down when the DJ starts in about an hour but I have a feeling I will be asleep considering it is already midnight here! I was glad this afternoon though to text my brother for awhile! I had not talked to him barely since I had been here so we caught up a bit. I also got all my appointments set up for when I get back- the essential needs in my life aka nails, toes, hair, eyes, doctor, and eyebrows! So excited…you have no idea! Tonight, I also got to skype with Hannah for awhile which was awesome! It has been hard not getting the opportunity to spend time with my cousins this summer so being in touch through skype is awesome! And I am so excited to see that Ben started his blog for his travels toFinlandthis year! Well tomorrow, I have a busy day already planned out… wake up and go on my walk, lunch, printmaking, bookmaking workshop, need to finish up my logo design work for my computer arts class online, and then there is a sunset orchestra tomorrow night for the end of the Lacoste festival! Let’s hope I get it all done! But for now, goodnight!