Woke up to an amazing sunrise this morning! I could not actually see the sunrise but the reflection onto Bonnieux across the valley- the colors were extraordinary!

I jumped out of bed to get my camera and take a few pictures! I then got up about 2 hours later to throw my laundry in and go for my walk. It was so nice outside and I was happy that I was able to be outside since I knew I had a lot to get done during the afternoon. On my walk, I noticed the small snails that attach to all the flowers…its quite disgusting but cool at the same time-odd!

Afterwards, I came back to pick up my laundry and take a shower. Before I knew it, it was already 1pm so I ran down to the café to get lunch quickly and returned to my room to start working. I worked on my journal all afternoon and completed all my entries up to this past trip to Glanum and Saint Remy which I still have to print off pictures from! I then decided to stop by the bookmaking workshop which began at 4pm. I could hear down in the town square, the microphones going for the activities for the festival going on!

I walked up to Studio 2 and went into the workshop! There were just a few of us in there but we used colored paste which is made from different flours to cover sheets of paper to use as covers for journals. We then folded small sheets of paper to make really cool accordion booklets. It was fun to feel like a kid and do something different from school work!

I then went down to the Mac Lab to upload some photos and start working on my logo designs to submit for my computer arts online class by tonight! I got a start but then had to head down to the café for dinner. Outside the café is where the festival is going on and tonight it smelled so good because they had a fresh fire out and were grilling. They had a steak dinner but I did not attend–just enjoyed the smells! After dinner, I went straight back to the computer lab to get my work done! I worked on the logos for about 2 hours and felt pretty confident in submitting them. I then chatted with my mom on Facebook for awhile while uploading the rest of my pictures fromParis. Boy did that take awhile!!

I must make a shout out while I am thinking about it to mention that I talked to Sam Baumstark yesterday, love her. I really want to add some humor to this blog because I think he gets a little dry…I am going to work on that…be prepared!

Most people tonight are preparing now for the last night of music for the festival. I am trying to think of ideas for my prints so that I can finish that project up tomorrow afternoon to turn in for Tuesday’s class with my folio. I think I am going to take my nail polish off since it has started to chip and maybe read a magazine if I am not too tired by then!

Tomorrow, we get to go on a field trip for art history to a town calledIslesurla Sorge. I am excited to go considering we only have three more trips before the end of the quarter! I am still trying to figure out plans to go to Nice for my open weekend in August- hopefully it will work out and I can go to the beach and enjoy!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I did but it went by way too quickly! Getting prepared to start my week off well tomorrow! XXX