I cannot believe it is the first day of August and I have approximately 29 days left inFrance! I got up this morning with the sun shining in through the window! I went down to begin my run and it was quite fun to see the after results of the end of the festival from last night! Lots of trash and cleaning up to do this morning! I then had a really tough run but made it through! I was just exhausted I think from going to bed later than normal.


I then got ready for my day and decided to wear my new earrings from J.Crew that I had gotten in my package- love that! We were to go on a field trip to L’isle sur la Sorgue for my art history class. I rushed out to the goat gate where we leave and had dropped my sweater on my way there. Fortunately, there was another girl running behind me who picked it up and brought it to me!


We arrived to the little town and it was absolutely gorgeous especially on such a beautiful day. We parked the buses in a park right outside Paul Gautier’s famous home there which reminded me of a gingerbread house! I then started to miss Thousand Island Park with all its crazy colored cottages! TheSorgueRiverflows from the “Fontaine de Vaucluse” circling the town giving it a natural emerald green color.

The canals run between the narrow ancient streets. It was so charming of a place to be in!


We walked around the town for a bit and arrived to the Collegiate Chuch- Our Lady of the Angels.

It is a beautiful Southern Gothic and Baroque style church. The inside was absolutely stunning with its detail and eleven side chapels connecting to the nave. I was very impressed by all of the natural light that came in and gave it such a glow. I had not realized how much I had missed being in the environment of a church. The atmosphere really made me feel comforted in a way that I was unfamiliar with. I had no idea a church could give such vibes but I really enjoyed it!


Afterwards, we had about an hour to kill. Shelley, Kelsey, and I walked around for awhile but unfortunately, many of the shops were closed since it was Monday. They have a big antique market on Sundays so much of the town is closed down on Monday’s. It was so interesting though to see the lifestyle that the locals live with people walking to the local boulangeries and patisseries to pick up their morning coffee and baguettes to start their day! I loved seeing it all! We got to see a few stores that were open and look around. I was in need of some caffeine so I picked up my Coke Zero- quite delicious!


We headed back to Lacoste at around 11:30am. It was a really peaceful ride back through the fields and grasslands. You could smell a fire that someone was having- it took me back to bonfire days back at the Smith house in Arkansas as well as so many other times that I have enjoyed being with friends and family around a fire!


I had lunch and came back to my room. I picked up my People and RollingStone magazines and went out to the terrace. It was so nice to sit out in the sun and read for about an hour. I then came back in and worked on my online course to get a few discussion assignments completed. I then worked on getting together images for my journal from the field trip and went to the lab to print them off. I then went up to Stephany’s room to borrow her neon pink nail polish- yes now my finger nails are bright! I then went over to the library to talk to Shelley for a bit and then went back to the lab to print off more images but the printer wouldn’t work! Major disappointment.


It was then dinner time and I then had a meeting about the Vernissage, our ending show that the students put on and curate. It was exciting yet nerve racking to hear that we are going to be starting to frame and pick out artwork that we want to display within the next 2 weeks! I then came back to my room to figure out what I was going to do for my printmaking. I picked out a few images that I felt that I could work with from being inspired inParis. I skyped with my mom and Sylvie for a bit while they were busy working at the office. I then had to write my paper to turn in with my prints for tomorrow. My paper has to reflect my thoughts about what has been going on lately for me. It was good to reflect but I did feel a bit rushed since I had to still go print. I went to print at about 10:30pm and wanted to get done quickly so laid out a deep purple slab and started to ink. The longest and hardest part about being in the studio is the actual clean up.


I came back to my room after and was so ready to go to bed! I got ready for bed and am hitting the hay now! Lets hope my prints are okay…I was so ready just to get done with them!


Well tomorrow should be a good Tuesday and I am hoping in the afternoon, I can relax a bit and maybe lay out on my terrace! Wahoo! But for now, Bonsoir!