My morning began with its usual routine! Wow shocking I know…but then came back to get ready for class and had to rush to go print off my paper to turn in with my final project for printmaking.


I got to class right at 9:01am and was happy to see that Deb still had not gotten to class. My whole class was just sitting around talking and we realized at about 9:15 that maybe we should be concerned that Deb still was not to class. Megan, the teaching assistant for the class, ran down to Professor Todd to ask him where Deb may be. He ended up calling her and waking her up!! She came to class about 10 minutes later and was so apologetic about the whole situation! She then did demos for the whole class about what our last project is going to be. I was really exhausted I think from staying up and waking up early so I just was ready for class to be over. It was really cool to see what are doing though with the printing press and getting creative with the materials and process we use. To give a brief overview, we are coating these matt boards with different materials such as spray paint, adhesive, sand paper, trash bags, matte medium, gloss, etc. then inking it and running it through the press. It is a huge experiment to see the reaction of how the materials will react but she came out with some really awesome prints this morning. We then get to work with color once we have gotten more familiar with the materials we want to use.


It was then lunchtime so we had announcements and all. Tonight around 10pm behind the little church, they are projecting “Midnight inParis!” I have already seen the movie with Sylvia before I left…and honestly did not like it that much. Many people here have seen it and loved it so…whatever floats your boat! I do not think I am going to attend but sounds like fun to go sit out and watch the movie!


I came back up to my room and decided to go layout on the terrace! I am still listening to the book on my iPod, “Room.” I immediately fell asleep I guess though because about an hour later I woke up and had no idea where I was! It was frightening! I then decided to read my August InStyle! It was alright- not really looking forward to fall clothing yet so was not all that interested! I then went back to listening to my book and finished it! While I was out on the terrace, I kept hearing Danielle howling with laughter from our window…I was not sure what was going on. When I returned to my room, I soon found out she was watching “Bridesmaids!” So funny! I then sat on the floor for awhile and checked my email, etc. It is so difficult getting emails about sales and all while I am away from being able to shop!! I am so anxious to get home and go wild! I called my dad to catch up but he was with a patient so felt badly for interrupting! I don’t think he minded too much though! I have been searching for apartments inSavannahso that when he picks me up from the airport, we can move my things from storage into my new place! I had to tell him about a few that I had found…nothing too too spectacular yet so I am still on the look out!  I figured I better then shower before heading down for dinner.


After dinner, I came back to my room and chatted with my mom for a bit. I decided also to type up my journal entry for my art history class so that I could then rewrite it into my actual journal later. I researched a lot about the towns we had been to so that I could give some historical references as well as my experience there. I was on Facebook at the same time though so ended up taking awhile!


I got to chat with my best frienddddd, Jillian tonight for awhile which was so nice since I have been quite down lately! Really makes a difference to have people in your life who know everything about you and can pick up with you even if you haven’t seen them for months! I also talked to one of my friends here for awhile tonight just about life which was great because she is one of the only people I have really opened up to. I have had a nice relaxing evening! Tomorrow is going to be, I hope/think, a class where we just have lecture and get to work on our journals! Ready for a goodnights sleep and start to a great Wednesday! XOX