AHH first I must say it is 2 of my best friends 21st birthdays today so Happy Birthday to both of them! Hope that they are celebrating already while I am going to sleep!!


Well this morning was no different than others! Surprise! I felt like this morning went by pretty quickly though which was nice!


In my art history class, we had a lecture for the first hour of class about the modernization of Parisin the 19th century.  Professor Gross talked about the changes in the city as well as the new concept of photography and the way it affected art at the time. It was interesting to see some of the first photos in Paris especially since we had just been to places that had been photographed. We then had break around 10:20am and I came back to my room to get my journal materials since he had said we could work on them for the remainder of class when we came back. I then went down to the computer lab since he also gave us our 2nd paper assignment along with reading responses as homework. I printed out the 2 articles…one being 25 pages and the other 46… eek! I started to read the 2nd article but on about page 5, I gave up and started to look at apartments inSavannah! Then soon realized, it was already 11:50pm and I had to talk to Eleanor about my train ticket to Nice! She was not in her office to I went up to my room and headed down to the café for lunch.


After lunch, I went back to Eleanor’s office and figured out my train ticket situation! I then went out on the terrace and started listening to a new book, Sarah’s Key. Oh and it is so good!! The book is set inParisand I am not going to go into detail but its fun to read while I am here inFrance! I stayed out there until about 5pm. I came back into my room to work on my journal until around 6:30pm. It was so nice to be sitting in my room sketching with the smell of someone’s fire coming in through my window! Love that! I then showered and went down for dinner.


I returned to my room to just relax and read part of my August US Vogue. It is pretty good so far but I got sidetracked by facebook and then skyping with Oliviaaaa! I was so excited that we got to skype and talk for like the first time in forever! Always fabulous to catch up with your best friends who you have not been able to talk to for awhile. She just moved into her new house so I am like so jealous! I am still trying to find an apartment so who knows what I will be able to find by September! I then booked my train ticket to Nice for the weekend in 2 weeks! I am so excited to go relax at the beach for a nice long weekend! A change in atmosphere will be great and as of now it is just me and Danielle but possibly 2 other girls as well!


I am off to bed though and hoping it cools down- 82 in the room right now and that’s a little hot to sleep comfortably in! Anyways, printmaking in the morning and then it is my weekend!  Wahoo! XOXO