I was glad to wake up this morning with the sun shining in because the forecast had been for cloudy weather today. While I was out for my run, I began a little slow and was feeling a little draggy but all of the sudden I head a bike from behind and a guy encouragingly saying “Good Morning Wallis!!” It was one of my friends here, Steve, who has a strange sleep pattern- well none that anyone understands at least! He wakes up every morning around 5am to watch the sunrise yet then stays awake for like 24 hours at a time! Anyways, he was on his way to Bonnieux to go grocery shopping and to the ATM (he later told me at breakfast!) It was a sudden excitement for me though because usually I see no one out early! I continued on my run and through the valley looked up to see the ultimate perfect picture of a hot air balloon floating across with the sun just having risen in the sky! It was a moment where I really was just so in the moment and had no want to come home- now that hasn’t happened in awhile! Oh my gosh and then I saw a huge slug- It was absolutely disgusting…it was really like gross big and I could feel myself making a really grotesque face and had to laugh! I then returned to my “home” and got ready for the day!


I went into the printmaking studio with my mind crazily thinking about what I was going to do for the next and final project that we are beginning to work on. The process begins by getting a matt board and cutting it to the size you want to use. We then cover it with either gloss or matte medium and/ or spray paint as a sealer. Then you get to do whatever you want to the board as long as it is relatively flat so that you can run it through the printing press. The image that shows through after inking it, is from the texture of whatever was put on the board. So for example, one girl pressed flowers onto her board so the print was the texture of the flowers with a flat background. I decided just to experiment with the process and make a few completely different boards in figuring out what I liked best. Deb began calling me “her process girl!” I printed two of my boards before the end of class and really liked both of them so I got excited about it! Our homework this weekend is to work on that and get a few prints out before our in-process critique that we are going to have on Tuesday. It did not hit me until later that it was then my weekend once class was out!


Today is laundry exchange so I got new linens for my bed! And then I headed down to lunch. We had Apt sign up for the market on Saturday and I thankfully was sitting right next to where Eleanor put down the sign up sheet so I am going! Wahoo! I then looked up and Professor Gross came up to me…I had no idea what I had done wrong so I was a bit nervious but then he just told me that I had a package!! 🙂 Thank the goodness of life because I was so in need of a nice comfort happy package!! I got everything from lots of Popchips to more magazines and dvds!  Very exciting! I then decided it is my weekend so I am going to relax…so I did! I went out to the terrace and listened to my new iPod book. As I mentioned previously, I just started Sarah’s Key. It is so entertaining and I am really addicted to it! I laid out there until about 4:30pm!


Meanwhile in my room, strange things occur with my roommates! Ha Roxy met some guy inParisand he came to Lacoste today to see her? So they were in my room and then left this afternoon to who knows where…I guess we will see later what is up with that situation! Nothing goes without knowing in Lacoste…there are too little of us not to have the gossip mill go around!


I then came back to my room after feeling like burnt toast and got on my computer to check emails, etc. I worked a bit on my journal and heard about Sylvia’s 21st birthday! Sounded like a big group of my class got together and went downtown for a fun dinner and back to Sylvia’s for cake! I am sad I wasn’t there but glad to hear that everyone got together to celebrate! I then jumped in the shower and went down to dinner.


I came back to my room after dinner and relaxed on my bed with my laptop! I caught up with my blogs that I look at daily and just hung out which was really nice! Shelley then came into my room for a bit and then I walked back to her room with her and then down to the computer lab. I uploaded the rest of my pictures from this past week and then returned to my bed! Tomorrow is my day off! Yay! And we are going on an all day excursion toArles! I am excited to get away for the day and see somewhere new! Hope you all have a great Friday! Bonsoir!