I had my day off this morning which was so needed! I got to sleep in and enjoy slowly getting ready before we had to load up the bus and head toArles! We loaded up the bus at 9am and drove for a little over an hour to arrive in Arles.


Our group was divided between the painting and printmaking group and then the photography and French Modernism group. I was in the printmaking group so we went to Musee Reattu. The museum is located on the RhoneRiverand one of the main roads of the town. The building was bought by Jacques Reattu to be his home and work studio. He had dreamed to house artists in residence in the space and give them the opportunity of the landscape.  Originally, the building though was the Grand Priory of the Order of Malta. Now, it houses older works from the 17th through 19th centuries as well as drawings and paintings by Picasso, and contemporary art. The museum was very different than any other that I had been to but I did like it. I was shocked to see over 50 pieces of work by Picasso which were outstanding! I also really enjoyed a visiting exhibition done by Charlotte Charbonnet which was done with the use of movement. She experiments I guess with different ways of motion. She had a few drawings that had been creating using magnetic paint. The effect that it had against the white paper was very awesome and had a sparkling effect.


A smaller group of us then went on to walk around the town of Arlesand see what it had to offer! The town has so many little streets with tall buildings so it seems easy to get lost from where you think you are since everything looks so similar! We ended up finding the Arena and walking around that area. There were a lot of tourist shops in the area so I was a little turned off by that and continued down and around the road to see Saint Trophime. The church was absolutely gorgeous and there was a nice fountain out front. It was very hot today so it was nice to relax and sit down by the fountain. I then walked around with a group of people looking for a place to stop and eat lunch.


I decided to go off on my own because no one was really making up their mind and the group was quite bit at that point. I ended up walking around for awhile looking in a few shops, and just observing all that was going on! I ended up walking down to a restaurant called Le Coco Bongo and eating lunch. It was pretty good- the atmosphere was that of like a eco-friendly grill. A little weird but like served grilled shrimp, etc. on like small burned wooden platters. I finished up and looked up to see that Danielle, Phylecia, and Brittaney were eating lunch at the Pizzeria above! I waited for them to come down and then we walked around for a bit. We went to a shoe store where they sell these shoes that I have from Madewell made by Ben Simon. I was tempted to get another pair since they were on sale but I did not! We continued through the town just looking around and see what was around. We went up to the square where Van Gogh painted his Yellow café scene-since the actual building has burned down, but it was still cool to see the area. We ran into 2 groups of girls, one at a restaurant enjoying mojitos, and the others mojitos and ice cream! Brittaney ended up staying with one group and ordering wine so we headed to the Monoprix to shop! The Monoprix  is like the grocery store but then with a whole clothes section…very odd! It was fun to look around because I always enjoy seeing what places like that has to offer. I ended up just getting a nectarine- my second one ever! It was delicious!


We went out to the park in front near the river and sat watching these old men play Bocci! I was worn out and ready to leave. We got on the bus around 4:45pm to head back to Lacoste. I half way fell asleep on the bus but was quite uncomfortable. We got back around 6:30pm and I went back to my room to shower. I was feeling quite sweaty and gross from the all day excursion in the heat! I then went down to dinner.


I came back to my room afterwards and have not left since! I got on the computer and have continued to relax and chat with a few people. I am going to be up early in the morning for my morning routine and trip to Apt! Hope you are looking forward to great weekend like I am! XO