This morning, I awoke to my alarm and was in the middle of a dream. Hate that! But is was very strange, because I then thought it was Monday morning. I was quite disoriented! I then figured out it was Saturday so I got up and had my normal routine- run, shower, and got ready hurriedly for Apt! We left promptly at 9am despite the overcast weather! I was a bit worried it was going to start raining but it did not- thank goodness!


Apt was fabulous as always! I got there and had to pick up some spray paint and a glue stick at the art supply store. Nothing too exciting! I then walked around some of the side streets to see vendors that I had not really seen before. For me, I like going in the middle of the action more because then when you walk a way without buying a product, you do not feel as guilty!! It was busier this morning though with lots of tourists with August being the month that everyone takes off inFrance. As always, smells were delicious! This morning especially that of roasting chickens with potatoes and the fresh paella that was cooking!

I am not sure what I was thinking this morning, but I failed to bring any type of technology that had the time. I was hoping to find someone that I knew and thankfully ran into Danna and Danielle and they informed me that it was 10:20 so I had about an hour left to adventure. They had just bought some fresh hummus and it looked and smelled fabulous! I went over to the stand and got to see the guy making it!

I then continued on to buy some souvenirs for people back home and wound up at the Intermarche (the little grocery in Apt.)  I bought a few things and headed back through the Market. By that time, it was very crowded so I had to push my way through to make it back to the van on time. I got there though and everyone was waiting around so I had rushed for no reason! Oh well!


We drove back to Lacoste and I unpacked my goods and went down to the café for lunch! I did not find anything appealing there so I came back up and had the most amazingness joy of Popchips! Oh it was so fabulous and I had not realized how much I had missed them! I decided to then get to work- somewhat! I read my 25 page article for art history and started writing my reading response on it. I got a bit distracted though with checking my email, daily blogs, and Facebook! I also uploaded my pictures from the market and decided the paper could wait a bit! I went down to the computer lab to meet Shelley and hang out for a bit to procrastinate our work! I came back to work on my journal for a little bit before going to dinner.


After dinner, I came back to the room to write my paper. I made it my goal to finish the reading response before going to bed! I wound up working on my journal while a bunch of people were playing Cranium out on the terrace! They were quite loud but it was good to hear them laughing and yelling while I was busy at work! I then skyped with my mom for awhile which was great since we had not talked in awhile. She had gone to fabric shopping so it was exciting to see the new pillows that will be made for my room! I then had to get myself back to working and write that darn paper! I finally finished it up and decided I should probably go to bed! Brittany and Danielle came back in here around then and decided they were going to go down to the bar! I said have fun and got ready for bed! I am going to dream about all the printing I get to do tonight so I will get to work tomorrow! Wahoo! XO!