I cannot even begin to describe last nights thunder and lightening storm! I woke up around 3am and the curtains were flying madly in the window with rain flooding it and lightening and thunder crashing in the background. I was so mesmerized by the whole thing that I got up and just stood at the window for about 15 minutes just watching the beauty of it all! It was crazy!

I even tried to take a few photos but alas, my camera did not quite capture the action from the window! Steve(the guy I mentioned before who is a photo major) captured the moments a bit better than I did so I stole a picture from him!


I then actually woke up for the day later than usual this morning around 9:45am! Unfortunately, the power was out because of the storms. I got up anyways and headed out for my Sunday morning walk! But before I left, I quickly sent out an email to Eleanor that our power was out hoping that it would be back on when I returned. I decided to listen to my book that I am addicted to and when I was just far enough away, it began to sprinkle. I was praying to the dear Lord that it would stop and thankfully it did! I came back and the power was still out. I showered and got ready for the day. By that time, it was about 12:30pm so I went down to lunch.


After lunch, I came back up to the room and went up to Eleanor’s house to tell her husband that our power still was out! He came down and just reset the fuse and all was better!! I threw all my laundry in and decided to work on my journal. When I finished my journal pages, my laundry then finished up so I brought it back up to fold. I had a bit of time before a bookmaking workshop at 4pm so I got on my computer. I realized it was Sunday so I had to finish up my online homework for this week. I ended up leaving and going down to the computer lab to finish up on that. I did not have time to finish before the bookmaking workshop so I left my work down there and went to the studio to make a book!


Three bookmaking workshops are being put on by a graduate professor from SCAD inSavannahwhos husband is also a professor there who is currently doing a project for SCAD in Lacoste. This is their sixth time here so they know the place pretty well. They have also brought their little 2 year old son, Jackson who can walk up the cobblestone hills better than I can! It is quite impressive! Anyways, last Sunday we worked on making the cover pages with paste paper and this week, we were able to back the books and create covers. It is always fun to go into arts and crafts mode every once in awhile and feel like a kid again! Especially when you are in the middle of doing school work! We finished up around 6pm which is dinner time on the weekends.


I went back down to the computer lab to make sure that nothing had been touched with my logo design for the online class and then headed back to my room to put my book supplies away! And I was off to dinner.


I came back afterwards to avoid work but told myself that it would be better just to get it done with early! So I then went down to the computer lab and actually ended up creating a whole new logo for the submission. I finished up and submitted it by 8:30pm! I could not believe how early it was! And yes, I was so happy to be done! I figured I would then go back to my room to just hang out and do my printing Monday night. I came back to my room and everyone was out on the terrace playing games so I decided I did not really feel like just being lazy on my computer so I thought I would go ahead and go to the print studio to work. I have no idea what had gotten into me but I was so productive and it felt great! I got a few prints done- since we are just experimenting with how they are going to turn out, it is kind of fun to see what will happen next! Though it is a little bit disappointing when you do not like the print after all the work that went into it. I ended up finishing up around 10:30pm and coming back to the room to get ready for bed!


I am now sitting in my bed enjoying the fact that it has cooled off a bit from the rain and we have our power back! I am feeling ready for the week to start and interested to see what all I am going to have to accomplish! Hopefully tomorrow for art history we are going to go on a field trip- the syllabus does not have specific instructions for what is going on so I guess I will find out at the café in the morning! Well I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to start the week off fresh! Bonsoir!