Well this morning was a typical Monday morning! It was quite dark though when I woke up and gloomy but later on in the morning, the sun finally peaked its way out of the clouds! At breakfast, my class was informed that we were going on a field trip to Roussillon and needed to wear comfortable shoes and that we may be getting a bit dirty. Needless to say, I had just showered and put on a dress and sandals for class. So I quickly ran back up to my room and changed into shorts, a tank top, and my crocheted TOMS!


We drove about half an hour away to the town of Roussillon. Now previously we had been to the town right outside to see the ochre factory, this time though we were going to see the actual ochre quarry.

The town was very cute and pigmented red! We parked the buses and walked up to where the quarry was. It was so beautiful especially with the sun coming out and actually being a nice day out!

We were able to walk down into the quarry and see the gorgeous reds, oranges, yellows, and even shades of white that are present in the area. I think it was actually good being able to go after there had been such a huge storm because the ochre was damp and not dusty so I stayed clean 🙂

There was a path way through the quarry that we were able to walk through! Shelley and I decided afterwards to go into town and look around! There were a lot of cute shops and art galleries. We then headed back to the bus around 11:30am and went back to Lacoste.


Once we got back, I went up to my room to check my computer and realized I should probably go down for lunch since Eleanor usually does announcements then. Nothing too exciting today, French class and tonight there is a live model in one of the studios for the painting major students. I had lunch with a few girls who I did not know very well but always fun to hear about what they are doing here and all!


Afterwards, I returned to my room to fill out the forms to get a taxi for this weekend to and from the train station on Friday and Sunday. I then went to Eleanor’s office to get it all approved. She said I had to then scan it to her so I went down to the Mac Lab but the scanner was being used so then I went up to the PC Lab and scanned the form! I then came back to my room and Jane knocked on my door telling me that I needed to get prepared for her photo shoot! I had totally forgotten that I told her I would model for it! Whoops! For one of her photo classes, she is photographing students set up as “Tourists.” She has 10 different scenarios that she is doing. Mine of course being the girl who came to Lacoste not knowing what to do on the cobblestones dressed up with heels and all. Pretty much- the dumb blonde stuck in the middle of no where falling down the hills with my shopping bags fromParis! So I got ready and hit the cobblestones with Danielle’s stilettos. Let’s just say, I think some of this photo shoot was really me not knowing what to do in those heels! It was hilarious! The real tourists walking through Lacoste were just staring and not sure what was going on! We got done with the shoot after about an hour and I returned to my room to work on my online class. I had to critique logos from our previous project. It is interesting what all people have created and I was quite amazed with some of the skills as well as lack of! It was nice and relaxing just to hang out though and not feel pressured to get any particular work done. I know though that I do need to get some work going early since I will not be here for the weekend! I got to skype with my dad for awhile which was great to talk to him since I had not talked with him much lately. And then I also spoke with my mom! Then it was dinner time!


I came back to my room and put on my PJs to get comfy! I then plopped down on my bed and starting working on my journal from our field trip to Arles. I really did not like that trip so it was hard to sound interested in my writing. Oh well, I then had to print off some pictures from our trip today toRoussillonwhich was great! I thought about going to the print studio to put a few more prints through the press but was not feeling it tonight! I finished up my journal though which was definitely a sense of relief to get all caught up! I am starting to dread though this website design proposal that is due for my online class before Friday since I will be gone this weekend. I think thought it will be best for me to just go ahead and get started on it tomorrow afternoon after printmaking as well as Wednesday after my art history class so right now that is the plan! Hope you had a fabulous Monday! XOXO