I woke up this morning about 30 minutes before my alarm was to off. I always hate when that happens because its like should I try and go back to sleep or just get up?! I decided to lay there for a bit but then I ended up getting up and doing my morning routine. I had decided today was a jeans day and I am glad because it was cooler out unless you were standing right in the sunlight!


I went to printmaking and we were to have an in-progress critique but one other girl in my class and I were the only ones that had done any prints over the weekend. So my professor decided that we were just going to have a work day and that she would go around individually with each one of us and see what we were up to. She was glad to see that I was working and had progressed in figuring out more of an idea for what I wanted my final project to be. I went ahead and sprayed a few more boards to print so that I could possibly start working in color. By the end of class though, I had printed a couple of plates but did not get to start experimenting in color. I think tonight or tomorrow evening, I will go back in and work on that. After class, I went back up to my room to check my email and then went down to lunch,


After lunch, I returned to my room and worked on completing my journal pages to perfection! Of course not perfect, but I now have all of them completed to a degree that I like them. Definitely a sense of accomplishment! I then got on my computer for awhile just checking websites, etc. It was quite overcast outside and I began to get sleepy so it was nice just to be able to relax on my bed! I ended up falling asleep for about an hour and a half! I decided to then work on figuring out the design layout for my website for this online class that I have. I figured out some of it and then talked to my mom for awhile on the phone!


I went down to dinner and then came back up to continue working on the website proposal. I never realized all that went into it with thinking about fonts, colors, design layout, what you actually want on the website, etc. I then headed down to the Mac Lab to upload pictures from my field trip yesterday and work on Photoshop to start creating the pages for the website. I got a few things accomplished but knew I needed to go to bed!


I came back to my room and am now getting ready to go to sleep! Tomorrow for art history we just have lecture and then time to work on our journal but since I have already done my journal, I am hoping to get a head start on our six page final paper that is due in a week. We just got the assignment and it is to compare and contrast two images that we have studied in class or seen that are from two different time periods. I am hoping to do a work from Cezanne and one from Matisse although their time frames are near one another. I guess we shall see! Hope you had a great Tuesday! I am so glad it is supposed to warm up this week starting tomorrow! It has been in the low 70s and I am ready for the heat! Well during the daytime! Anyways, goodnight!