I started my morning like every other! I was then suddenly running late to my art history class- I think it was because I took time to shave my legs this morning 🙂 And I had checked my email- got one from Hannah about my bridesmaids dress!! So exciting that all these wedding plans are coming together! I love it!


Anyways, I got to class and we had a lecture on Provencal Post Impressionism. We also discussed the articles that we had to read for a reading response that was due in class today. It was interesting because a lot of the artists that we are talking about, we have seen work from while we have been here. We then had break after about an hour and a half and when we returned, we had the opportunity to ask him any questions and leave to go work on our journals. I spoke with him briefly about my journal and he said that it all looked great so YAY! And then I also mentioned ideas for my second paper which he also approved, I just need to get more specific about works that I want to talk about from either Van Gogh and Matisse or Cezanne and Matisse. I am trying to figure that out with comparing and contrasting their works of art. I then went down to the computer lab to print off the article for our next reading response due Monday!


I headed back up to the room to drop off my things and found out; we no longer have a good internet signal in our room 😦 I was very sad especially now that my phone will not work in there. I then went to lunch and returned back to the room to decide not to work and take a break!


I threw together my magazines and iPod and went straight to the terrace! It was so nice out in the high 70s with the sun brightly shining! I ended up listening to my book until about 3:45pm and decided it was time to get some things done!


I went down to the library and read my article along with starting to write my reading response. I then went back to my room to shower and get ready for dinner. Danielle, Brittaney, Shelley, and I hung out in my room for awhile before heading down to the café.


Afterwards, there was a lecture by the painting professor here, Todd Schroeder. I did have a lot to do so I decided not to go but I am sure it was great! I worked on my reading response and finished it up! Then I decided to go print a few of the plates that I had not yet printed and tried the color. Unfortunately though, I looked at the printing press when I was done mixing the colors and the felt was not on it so I could not print. After that, I came down to the computer lab to print off my paper and check my email and all since there is no internet in my room…sad day! Oh well- I had a pretty easy day and I was so glad that it was nice out! Tomorrow may be a little bit of a busier day with getting ready for vaca this weekend to Nice!! I am very excited about going though the weather is looking a bit cooler than normal! It will be great just to get away for a few days though! I cannot believe after this weekend, just 2 more left! Time flies when you are busy getting finals projects together and all! Bonsoir for now! I am going up to my room to watch a movie!