This morning was gorgeous out with the sun shining! I was so thankful for that as well as having one of my roommates leave early! She went away for the weekend with a group of people which has been a nice quiet break for the day! I did my normal routine and then headed to printmaking class.


My class was pretty good with starting color on my plates. I pulled a few prints and am now trying to figure out paper and materials that I want to use for my final. Its more than anything just a lot of experimentation which is fun but can also get a little bit frustrating.


We then had linen exchange and lunch! I came back to my room after lunch with Danielle and Shelley. We sat talking for awhile and then I headed out to the terrace with my Glamour magazine and iPod! It was just so nice outside I had to take advantage of it! I was out there til about 4pm and decided yes, I was leaving tomorrow so I needed to actually get some work done! So I went down to the computer lab to get my pages done for my website which have to be submitted by Sunday night for my online class. It was a little bit more difficult than I had expected but I thought I created a pretty simple and elegant template for my start. We will see what comes from it with feedback from the class and my professor.


I then came back to my room around 7pm to shower quickly before dinner was over. I returned after dinner to my room but then decided to go to the last book making workshop that Kristen was doing. I went and had a good time learning a new way to bind a book. I did it but realized half way through that I had started to create my own way. It was okay in the end but she gave me the materials to do another one if I wanted to before I left! It was a lot of fun but did not get done until about 10pm and I still had to pack!


I threw together my bathing suit and a few cute outfits! I am not too worried about clothing there which is nice- beach weather baby! Wahoo! I am excited to escape for the weekend and then get back for the final 2 weeks of work! I am so happy it is my weekend and who knows what Nice is going to be like – Hopefully fabulous! XOX