I woke up very excited for my vacation! A little stressed though because there were a few things on my mind that I knew I needed to get done before leaving at 9am. I did my normal morning routine and then I went down to the computer lab to print off a map from the train station to our hotel in Nice. I went back to the room and then Danielle and I headed down to the café where the taxi was to pick us up at 9am!


We never expected our car service to be a Mercedes with a lady driving who did not speak any English and had bright blue long fake finger nails! She was very prompt though and got us to the Gare de Cavaillon in about 25 minutes. We then waited in a short line to get our tickets printed off and waiting at the Quai 2! We then departed at 9:59am for Avignon Centre. The train man liked us to he put us up in first class which was nice! It was only about a 30 minute ride though.


When we arrived at Avignon Centre, we then had to leave and cross the road to wait at the bus station to take the bus to the Avignon TGV station. It was really nice out so it was not bad to wait for about 10 minutes for the bus. We then arrived to the Avignon TGV Station where we then got on the train to Nice! Sadly, Danielle and I figured out that we were in 2 different cars so we got on and I sat alone and ended up falling on and off asleep for the majority of the 3 hour ride. When we arrived outside the Cannes train station, I woke up and watched out my window the gorgeous scenery! At that point, it was only 2 stops until arriving to Nice Ville.


We arrived to Nice and AH PARADISE! Danielle and I thankfully quickly found each other and went to the Office de Tourisme to pick up a real map of Nice besides my mapquest one and figure out where our hotel was. We walked down the main pedestrian road with our first sightings being KFC and McDonalds! Not exactly what I was expecting but we continued walking and we saw all the big designer stores, and it was so nice in Nice! We got to Hotel de Flores and checked in.Lets just say the room was smaller than small but was fine and clean. We then left to go walk down by the beach and see like what the town was like. It was just such a great feeling to be able to smell the ocean and enjoy being away from Lacoste for a bit. Felt like I was in a completely different country! Such a difference!

We continued walking around and figured out like where the Harbor was with lots of restaurants and shops and then ended up stopping by the Monoprix to pick up a few drinks. We came back to the hotel around 7pm to get ready for dinner and going out! After, we walked around down to the Harbor and ended up going to the Atmosphere Café. It was not exactly what we expected but fine… We ended up staying and talking for awhile which was nice. Then had been told by a few people that had previously been to Nice that we had to go to “Wayne’s Bar!” So we walked by around 10pm and nothing too exciting was going on so we continued down the street to watch some dancers performing with really nice bodies! But after awhile, we decided it was either sitting down at a gelato place or going to Wayne’s so we headed to Wayne’s. We walked in and got drinks at the bar and it was a little bit awkward because not many people were there but it was fun just with a guy singing and playing guitar. The bartender was very attractive as well. Then it got a little bit more crowded and there was a band that started playing with people getting up on tables and dancing and it was getting pretty crazy! It was fun but very different than anything I had ever expected! We ended up leaving around 1am and coming back to the hotel. It was a good start to our weekend trip to Nice!



I woke up suddenly when Danielle goes “OH S***!” And I was frightened! She was like its already almost 9am! I was so confused because I had no idea a particular time we had to get up! But we had decided the night before to be at the beach by 10am so I guess she was worried about getting up and ready! We went down to the lobby for breakfast at the hotel and then left for the beach! We bought mats at one of the little shops on the way down since the beaches here are not like your typical sand beach but instead have like rocks.


We got down to the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous! The clear blue water and people were just starting to come down. We set up next to a place where there were parasailing and tube rides that you could go on. The guys working there were…AH so fine! It was so relaxing to be out there!

We stayed until almost 1pm and then decided to walk up to one of the cafes for lunch. Nothing too exciting for lunch since we wanted to eat lightly and head back down to the beach for our prime sun time! (I know bad skin cancer but we enjoyed it! And both of course we wearing sunscreen) The beach attire is quite different here than that of the US with lots of older women topless and younger women wearing thongs. It was not the best sight to see but the weather was so nice and beautiful I guess that made up for it! And Danielle and I were both shocked to see that everyone no matter who they are wears a two piece bathing suit! It was great!


We then went back to the hotel around 4:30pm to drop off our things and go to the Monoprix to pick up a few things to take home for the week in Lacoste. Then came back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the night. We did not end up leaving the hotel until around 8pm but it was nice because then there were a lot of people already out and about! The night was a lot more crowded later on a Saturday night. We ended up walking down near the harbor to have dinner. We both had a nice meal and then walked through the market and back to the hotel. I was exhausted but told Danielle I would still go out with her. She had bought a bottle of wine so she had a class and then we headed back out. It was around 10:30pm and we went back to Wayne’s. It was fun to walk in when it was already very crowded but the same band as the night before was playing and it was nothing really new so we ended up leaving pretty shortly afterwards. We went by a gelato place where Danielle got her ice cream and then we walked back through the crowds to our hotel. It was fun walking back though because there are so many vendors set up and it was entertaining to see all that they do especially dancers and all! We got back to the hotel around 12:30am and I was out!



It was nice to wake up without too much rushing this morning. It was sad to have to leave but we got up around 8pm, showered, packed up, and went to a café right near the beach to sit outside in the sun and have breakfast. It was quite relaxing and I was so jealous of all the people walking down to spend their day at the beach. Danielle and I sat out there for about an hour and then decided to pick up Subway to take on the train for lunch.


Our train departed at 11am and then we had to ride to Marsailles, almost missed our train to Avignon Centre but made it as the doors were closing!, then went from Avignon Centre to Cavaillon. It was quite a day of hauling our bags around and my back is about dead- massage time ASAP! We met our car service at the Gare de Cavaillon and headed back to Lacoste. We ended up getting back to Lacoste around 5:30pm. We then unpacked and threw our laundry in the machines. I was so excited to get unpacked and settle back down after having to carry all my stuff around all day.


It was then dinner time. Such a huge difference in going back to the cafeteria food- blahh! But I then had quite the night ahead of me to get my work done for my online class. And unfortunately, the battery on my computer has completely died. So when I use my computer it has to be plugged in at all times…I cannot tell you how frustrating this is especially when you accidentally knock it out of the wall like 4 times like I did! Oh goodness life in Lacoste…


I decided to come down to the computer lab to finish up my online class work and upload my pictures from Nice! Hope you all get to see how fabulous and gorgeous Nice is! My weekend was so great just to get away for a few days and enjoy the ocean! Not exactly ready for this week but will work on that sooner than later! XO