I woke up to this white fog outside. I could not see literally 20 feet outside of the window because of how opaque and thick the fog was! It was crazy! I got up and did my normal routine but was definitely ready to be back after having the feeling like I was going to fall off the edge of the road similar to that of the sailors and Columbus with the ocean in front of them- there was no end ahead!


I got back and ready for my art history class. A big group of people who went toBarcelonathis past weekend got back to Lacoste around 5am so none of them came to class and then there was a big group of people who traveled toLondonand were not back until tonight…so our class had only 8 students and felt quite empty! It was kind of a nice change up though! My professor was a bit tired as well so he said we were going to have an easy class and watch a half an hour long movie about Paul Gauguin. Thankfully, it was actually really interesting and good! Otherwise I might have been asleep! We then had a discussion about his influence with Cezanne and Matisse. I was glad that we discussed this because I think that I am going to write my final paper about 2 of those 3 artists, comparing and contrasting 2 works of art. At about 10:30am, he called break and told us we could go work on our journals. Since I am caught up with my journal, I headed to my room and researched a bit for my paper as well as checking my email, blogs, etc. that I had missed out on from the weekend!


It was then time for lunch and back up to my room to research more on my paper. Unfortunately, the internet in my room is awful so I then had to go to the computer lab. Shelley and I sat together and decided to online shop instead! I was just looking around and realized how excited I am to go shop at J. Crew and Anthropologie when I get back to theUS! I definitely am going to splurge when I get back since I have not gone clothing shopping in forever! I then decided to get a little bit serious and get some real research done with what pieces I wanted to go into detail about with the certain artists. I came up with two propositions and sent them to my professor to get feedback. And yes, I am still waiting to hear so no more research was done this afternoon! I went back to my room though and decided to go out on an adventure walk with Danielle and Shelley. Danielle is printing another photo of hers for printmaking so she needed to find some flowers. Shelley told us one way to go thinking we were on one path when we went up another and ended up pretty much in the forest on the side of the hillside outside Lacoste.

We did walk by a cute little cottage in the beginning with a Dalmatian and large sculptures that were cool though. It was absolutely gorgeous but my mind started thinking about scary movies and getting taken once we had been walking for awhile! We decided to head back after awhile when we realized there was not much ahead except more and more trees and some blackberries!

We also took a few shadow pictures on our way back on the road to Lacoste!


We went back to our rooms, showered and then I started looking for an apartment. I think I found one which I am so excited about though I lost track of time and ended up going to dinner when there were only about 10 minutes left and the cafeteria was empty! No big deal though! I came back up to my room and read an article for my art history class. I did not feel too pressured to get anything done which was nice. Probably should have gone and printed but… was just not really feeling it! I was excited to see my dad calling a bit after that and was great to talk to him for awhile. It is so difficult to have any real conversation with my phone going in and out though while I am in my room. I hope that the apartment that I found works out though and one of my friends is going to look at it for me on Wednesday so I am anxious to hear the feedback about it!


I then decided to just hang out and write up my talking points for the art history article. Nice low key night! Danielle and a few people walked over to Bonnieux because they had a festival this past weekend which was continuing through today and fireworks tomorrow! I did not think it was a good idea with going considering it is about an hour and half walk and they were leaving at 9pm! But I hope its fun! I went down to the computer lab to upload some pictures from our crazy walk today and now I am off to bed! Hopefully a great Tuesday to come! Goodnight!